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Zhenjiang is a giant wild giant salamander length over 1 meters and weighing 12.5 pounds www.sdcp.cn

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Zhenjiang is a giant wild giant salamander length over 1 meters and weighing 12.5 pounds, the Yangtze Evening News Network September 22nd news (correspondent Wang Zhong Li beam reporter Wan Lingyun) "we come, what is this? Slimy, cry like a child cry!" September 22nd morning, Jurong City Town King Dai village villager Yu Shixiang in their own fishing ponds, to fill a "fish", horrified, and quickly call eight adjacent four Xiang help long eye". Identified by the Jurong fisheries experts, this "fish" is actually a more than 1 meters in length and weighs more than 12.5 pounds of wild giant salamander! After online inquiry, Jurong Municipal Agricultural Commission fisheries guidance Station experts to the scene confirmed, it is learned that the two national protected wild animal – amphibian salamander. Name of the giant salamander, Andrias davidianus. However, it is rare, this giant salamander body length more than one meter, it weighs 12.5 pounds! During the interview, the reporter understands, Dai Village surrounding artificial breeding of giant salamander, it can be sure this is a wild giant salamander. And, the scene and the villagers know that this salamander is likely to rain from the well-known local ecological lake waters (Baisha Baisha reservoir) into the pond. The giant salamander lead to the surrounding many people stopped to watch, the older elderly people in the village said that nearly 60 years have not seen the wild giant salamander, let alone the head is so great. Villagers guess, but also to be recognized by the presence of aquatic experts. According to its introduction, wawayu on water quality and ecological environment is very harsh, the wild giant salamander is found, from the side of the Jurong Dai Zhuang superior ecological environment; at the same time, it is also excellent ecological environment, the power giant two national animal protection, thrive in Dai Zhuang waters "". Jurong relevant person in charge told reporters the king of the town government, since 2001, agricultural expert Zhao Yafu came to the Dai village to guide the development of organic agriculture, the growing awareness of environmental protection, Dai Village ecological environment are getting better and better, the biodiversity survey of Dai village farmland is now 127 species, the quality of the ecological environment constitute a good situation in harmony man and nature. Before press time, fisheries experts assessment, according to relevant regulations, has the giant salamander back, and is approaching the qualified breeding base for further processing in exile.相关的主题文章: