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Zhejiang University School of the build new game – health Sohu www.jhyc.cn

Posted on November 14, 2017 by hanson

Zhejiang University School of the "build" new game – Sohu health editor’s note: in the past 10 years, thanks to the former president of academician Zheng Shusen "to promote" the discipline construction, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College (hereinafter referred to as Zhejiang University Hospital) on the upgrade, until Aili occupied Hongkong he Chinese hospital comprehensive competitiveness ranking top ranked eleventh, Chinese the influence of science and technology comprehensive hospitals rankings ranked eighth. In November 13, 2015, the new leadership took office, carry the hospital "forward" mission. Today, the new team has coordinated more than September. What kind of road map are they drawing? Health care with curiosity to Hangzhou. In November 13, 2015 eighth, President Wang Weilin took the Zhejiang University School of the bar". His partner is an old colleague, the test is a tacit understanding, hospital management — new ideas to a hospital for many years and there is no reason to hesitate to move forward. Where to climb the ladder to support the Zhejiang University Hospital? Wang Weilin must answer to follow up a victory with hot pursuit. August 2016, from Zhejiang University hospital leadership changes at 9 months, Wang Weilin revealed to the health sector answer form. It has been said that success is invariably coincide with the needs of the times. Health informed of the prototype emitting such a taste. Enter Zhejiang University Hospital people give a new vision for the summer of 2016, walking on any road, can be seen hanging on the lamppost halfway up the eye-catching banners, write 8 words: "beauty, happiness, health. This is the new leadership of the hospital to throw a new vision. 8 words don’t come out of nowhere. Founded in 1947, Zhejiang University Hospital, is the 70 anniversary of the birth, is located in downtown Hangzhou, part of the house was built in the last century, 60s and 70s. Today, although there are new buildings but the overall floor of the old body, the internal structure is not in line with the modern medical service process. For example, CT examination room in several buildings, patients and medical staff are not convenient". The same as the floor space in the screw shell to do temple". Do not say anything else, before the patient and medical staff are riding a bicycle to the hospital, and now the problem is difficult to stop light." One employee told the health sector. "To make the hospital more beautiful is the wish of every one in Zhejiang province." Wang Weilin says so. The problem is, with many "old age" is similar to the situation of hospital, Zhejiang University Hospital is located in downtown Hangzhou, surrounded by heavy traffic, to expand around the apparently hopeless, only the implementation of the transformation in the existing range. In order to seek professional guidance, professional third party institution Zhejiang University Hospital invited hospital renovation, the requirements are clear — the "chess" thinking. It is worth mentioning that this chess chess pieces, including the hospital in Hangzhou, three hospital districts and the construction of the two hospitals. This is the beautiful Zhejiang one plan, not simply put a few pots of flowers to beautify the vision, but the system to create a beautiful, comfortable, functional and complete medical establishments. As for the well-being of the medical, Wang Weilin pointed out that at least contains two meanings: first, the staff to provide services to patients, in addition to enjoy a good working environment, as well as pleasant.相关的主题文章: