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Zhejiang Longquan celadon master Xu Jianxin Soul Calibur melting porcelain rhyme cast – Beijing Yout-www.ddd138.com

Posted on April 20, 2018 by hanson

Zhejiang Longquan celadon porcelain rhyme master Xu Jianxin: Soul Calibur thaw Shaohua Beijing   – cast ingenuity; Lishui Beijing 13, November (Li Qianqian Chen Jie) "smart cut dye Moon Spring, light spin ice filled green cloud, green jade, bright as a mirror, such as chime sound of Longquan celadon, born in the three kingdoms. The master in the Song Dynasty, the quenching Shiqianfeng emerald green porcelain rhyme scenery from the kiln fire, in the thousands of years of ups and downs between Zhejiang originated in the southwest of the glorious history of porcelain writing inheritance. Born in Zhejiang Longquan carpenter family of Xu Jianxin, who Chengyi carpenter, is involved in the creation of the sword scabbard, finally met the Longquan celadon, from ancient art to the enthusiastic sustenance from the fire and the earth quenched from a carpenter, this mood like jade jade with Yousheng azure color. Pull the embryo, embryo, burning, glazing repair…… A series of complicated process, Xu Jianxin will stretch into the bold soul Calibur porcelain rhyme, to youth cast a delicate ingenuity. Xu Jianxin. Photo by Li Qianqian Dili for more than ten years for the ancient art originality for Xu Jianxin, and celadon encounter, from a first choice, but quietly opened up a life difficult love celadon. At the age of 13, following the family fathers footsteps, Xu Jianxin picked up the woodworking business. 5 years later, at the age of 18, he began making the sword scabbard, one thousand is more than and 10 years. "The years sword scabbard, physical health has been a lot of damage, so that it is not a permanent solution." In 1998, standing at the crossroads of destiny, Xu Jianxin chose Longquan celadon. "Initially in order to make a living, after all, for more than and 10 years the craft, thinking skills are interlinked, will be more handy, do celadon!" However, Xu Jianxin did not expect, celadon this road is particularly difficult and rough. "In his early celadon field when everything is unfamiliar, the need to learn basic knowledge of ceramics." Xu Jianxin said, is different from the others as an apprentice to celadon Road, he is through practice kiln kiln firing, fumble in again and again in advance. "Every step is difficult, every step is based on a lot of failures." Xu Jianxin said, because he had never touched with the feeling of celadon, only slowly, and left early in the carpentry in the hands of the trauma, but also let him pay more efforts than others. "Embryo is a very important link in the celadon production is called" fingertips, art. ". I have to spend more time and energy than others because of the three fingers." Pull the embryo failed again and again, the firing of a kiln is not smooth, the double pressure from economic heart and let him breathe, "a burning kiln nearly need ten thousand yuan cost, long time down, is not a small sum of money." Celadon road difficult, but Xu Jianxin has never thought of giving up, "the more the more you want to do a good job". Finally, by virtue of quenching from the sword in his tenacity, and his family behind unconditional support, Xu Jianxin in the thorns, gradually opening up a road ahead. Looking at a time to gradually become good in the finished product, Xu)相关的主题文章: