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Zhejiang and more floods and landslides killed by an auxiliary police rescue tda7294

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Zhejiang and more floods and landslides killed by an auxiliary police rescue map: Lishui detachment of armed police officers and soldiers are to the rescue site. Liu Zhiqian photo pictured: Armed Police Detachment of soldiers in Lishui rescue scene. Liu Zhiqian photo Beijing, September 29 Wenzhou Xinhua (trainee reporter Wang Gang correspondent Jin Wenbin Chen Rui Meng Xiaofei) September 28th No. 17 typhoon "catfish" landing in Fujian, under its influence, Zhejiang and more and more landslides, floods, landslides and other disasters, not only Lishui has 37 houses were buried in landslides. Cangnan, a 23 year old deputy police also was saved by electric shock, died. According to the Cangnan Public Security Bureau was informed that at 15:48 on September 28th, dun Yunxian Bridge Street, someone falls in need of help. After the alarm, the police station pier immediately deployed to the scene, the auxiliary Lin Zhi (male, 23 years old, Cangnan County town people bridge) in the rescue when the unfortunate shock down, and then rescued Zhu together sent to the county people’s Hospital, after rescue invalid died. At the same time, Huzhou, Anji also due to typhoon landslides and other disasters. Local fire, militia successfully rescued many people trapped, the transfer of more than 2000 people; Su Cun Bei Jie Zhen Lishui city Suichang County landslides, about 37 houses were buried, about 7 people were trapped by the 28 day at 20:10, three people have been rescued. By the impact of super rainfall, severe disaster occurred in southern Wenzhou. According to preliminary statistics, as of September 28th 22, the transfer of hazardous areas 253805 people; 388 thousand and 600 people; 114 houses collapsed; crops affected area of 377 thousand acres, 194 thousand and 100 acres of inundated area, an area of 36 thousand and 400 acres of crops; highway interrupted 513 times, 138 times the power interruption, communications interrupted 25 times; damaged dike 427, damaged revetment 300 damage, 18 sluices, damaged hydro facilities 534. Direct economic losses caused by floods 935 million yuan. The disaster is still further verification. In the northern part of Zhejiang, affected by the typhoon, Huzhou, Anji and more outbreaks of mountain torrents, landslides and mudslides. The day starts at 14, Anji fire brigade received the alarm, Bao Fu Zhen Shen Xi Cun due to landslides 20 vehicles were trapped, the Kowloon Gorge Scenic Area Daxi Village town of two Shanghai tourists were trapped, the mayor of Tianhuangping Valley cave landslides resulted in more than a dozen cars and a bus trapped. Anji fire brigade alarm emergency rushed to the disaster site all rescue, successfully rescued more than trapped personnel and vehicles. In addition, affected by typhoons, landslides in Lishui, Suichang, causing many people buried. (end)相关的主题文章: