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Zhang Xuhao talk about entrepreneurship hungry to seize the 315 wave of technological change values-jessica rabbit

Posted on April 19, 2018 by hanson

Zhang Xuhao talk about entrepreneurship: hungry to seize the 315 wave of technology change the values of hungry Zhang Xuhao Phoenix Technology News News September 7th, hungry CEO Zhang Xuhao even months led many city executives preach enterprise culture. In August 25th, he shared his own business in Shanghai branch of the 8 years of the most complete experience and reflection. Zhang Xuhao said he was able to live up to now because of the opportunity to seize every wave of technology. In a speech. He talked about in the beginning, how to use the technology innovation and business model innovation will lead the opponent’s story, and said, in retrospect, the experience is very focused on the user’s needs and experience, and hope that through technology, products, business model innovation, could not have done the previous industry there is no one in a way, can profoundly solve user needs, in order to achieve a hungry growth. Zhang Xuhao also analyzed the rival U.S. group strategy, he believes the follow-up strategies, striking is DNA of the United States mission, and hungry to go through the innovation of science and technology to create the world’s leading life platform. Review the hungry cut logistics platform at the scene, Zhang Xuhao said at the time there was a little demand in the logistics distribution: delivery staff call this process a lot of trouble, he will hold a single takeaway, telephone number to dial, sometimes ride electric vehicles, it is not safe. This prompted him to do a hummingbird. After the hungry, but also to build a logistics network, a model and ecology. This year 3 • 15 is hungry what experience a setback. Looking back now, Zhang Xuhao found that 3 • 15 changed his values. Food security is not a simple problem for the license, a Internet Co, how through technical means to help the whole society to enhance food safety is hungry to consider. Zhang Xuhao believes that the future of CEO users to think about, all of our engineers, product managers are not working for the boss, more is to solve the problem of users. Venture 8 years, the biggest reflection is what? Zhang Xuhao said that when the first venture did not want to clear the next 8 years, the whole society is not the same thing, leading to this is now chasing the opponent, it is hungry, the biggest reflection. The following excerpt from Zhang Xuhao’s speech at the ShangHai Railway Station internal cultural lectures: today, I mainly talk about the development of the past, hungry, we in the beginning of the heart and work with business logic, DNA, and also like to share our life, and make some prospects for future vision, and we want to do to do with what kind of method in the future, the way the method is very important. Hungry to live now, because the opportunity to seize every wave of technology, from the historical point of view, hungry is a long and young company. Long refers to its history is long, while we are young, but we actually started the business in 2008, until now has experienced 8 years of time, this is not very short in the Internet field, compared with BAT is slightly shorter, but for entrepreneurial companies, is not short. We have experienced several major technology in the wave of the node, such as the earliest is calling, back to the PC mobile terminal is later ordering, ordering, now!相关的主题文章: