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Zhang Xinyu ushered in the climax of child heart Heihua drama acting broke out (video) www.789mmm.com

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Zhang Xinyu ushered in the climax of child heart drama drama blackening acting broke out "new vagabondize" Zhu Yilong kissed Zhang Xinyu romantic Chai Biyun starring entertainment Tencent directed by Huang Zuquan, Wang Xiaohan, Wang Yin screenwriter, actor Zhang Xinyu, Zhu Yilong power and Yu Qingbin, Vincent Chiao, Zhang Jun Ning, Chai Wan, Gongmi, Qiu Xinzhi and starring costume martial arts masterwork "new vagabondize" in Beijing TV broadcast week theater broadcast every Monday to Wednesday night, 22:20. The drama adaptation of the ancient dragon’s novel of the same name, since its launch by the majority of viewers and friends. Next week the "new vagabondize" ending soon, Zhang Xinyu played a female horse Fangling "Prince" CP will decide on what path to follow, the outcome will be to have a heated discussion. "Prince" sweet child heart beat fun but three large audience and aired last week, the consort of the party mood is change radically, Fu Hongxue (Zhu Yilong ornaments) bloody climb nail plate fragments of so many spectators said too horrible to look at. However, after so much suffering, Fu Hongxue and Ma Fangling (Zhang Xinyu) has finally again hand, as to a land of idyllic beauty pear Valley, also let the "Prince" of the party finally can ease the theater. But the "Prince" sweet always more than three seconds, the mood of the audience is like sitting roller coaster ride this week, the story of a broadcast, friends address him: I sincerely hope that the end of last week. Zhang Xinyu Heihua acting outbreak netizen said frankly: is actually quite looking forward to with the development of the story, Ma Fangling eventually blackening, earlier friends said: in fact, it is looking forward to the horse Fangling melanization, fugongxue dead child. Zhang Xinyu’s interpretation of Ma Fangling from the initial miss Jiao Jiao, self willed outrageous, but goodness is simple to mature, the middle to the end of the liberal and dignified, blackening, full of hatred, with the development of the story, the change of character, deeply attracted the audience’s eye. Many fans said: "Zhang Xinyu’s acting really better." "Zhang Xinyu really put the horse Fangling alive" and "just like the original horse Fangling as like as two peas". Zhang Xinyu himself said: in fact, Ma Fangling this character was a big challenge, because the interpretation of a pure goodness, dare to love and hate the horse Fangling into Ma Fangling is very bitter acting, but it is precisely because of such a change is very enjoyable to play, I hope this a deduction of the horse Fangling won’t let you down. The "new vagabondize" plot is touched the hearts of the audience, every time that is ending, but non ending feeling really. Finally, to usher in the real ending, finally in the end Fangling horse after blackening and how the development of the story, "Prince" ending, let us wait and see!相关的主题文章: