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Youku potatoes former Vice President Lu Xi fan was taken away by police on suspicion of corruption: Tencent technology news (Liu Yalan) February 1st news, one group (Youku potatoes) internal letter said before a group vice president Lu Xi Vatican suspected of using his position to carry out criminal acts, has been taken away by the police investigation. The group said that in a recent internal audit found that some production projects financial doubtful points, because of the larger amount, the circumstances are more serious, the public security organs have been involved in the investigation. Public security organs believe that corruption is involved in investigation. At present, there has been someone (former) employee Lu Xi brook was taken away by the police to participate in the investigation, the case is under further investigation. Lu Xi joined Youku in 2009. He served as vice president of Youku potatoes group and producer of youku. In July 2015, Lu Xi announced the departure of entrepreneurship, the scope of entrepreneurship is still in the field of video. In January 29th, one year will be a group chairman and CEO Victor Koo highlighted the company’s internal anti-corruption and anti-corruption. Since half a year ago, a clean and honest team has started anti corruption activities. We’ve also found some problems, and I’m very sad about a lot of things. I’ve been doing some very difficult decisions recently, and they’re very contributing to the company, and very uncomfortable. But in this case, the law is the bottom line, if you really have a problem, it is in fact hurt every one of the students interests, this is absolutely not allowed, if there is such a class, we asked him to get off, in the future development of ten years, we will not allow this the situation. It hurts to make some decisions, but we do it too". The following is the full text of the letter inside: internal about former employees suspected of illegal Xi Lu Vatican informed one all: since last year, the Group vigorously promote the construction of new ecological culture and entertainment, to create Internet plus cultural entertainment business platform. In order to make the business healthy and orderly development, the group of the history of the project’s financial, processes were comprehensively combed. In the process of internal audit, we found that there are serious doubts about some production projects, because of the complexity of the matter is serious, the police have been involved in the investigation. The current situation is that the former employee Lu Fanxi was suspected of using his position to commit crimes during his stay, and Lu Xi had been taken away by the police for investigation. Lu Xi River has made undeniable contributions to the development of the company in many years of work, and the management of the company expressed shock, regret and heartache. This has broken the bottom line of the company, touched the law, and everyone has to bear the consequences. France, I hope you learn a lesson, strict self-discipline. We believe that only one person, an organization and an industry can go far only if they are doing the right thing. The group will anti-corruption work normalization, through the internal audit and other means to detect misbehaving and remove it out of our organization, please get off if he touches; law group will also make full use of legal means to safeguard their own interests and our partners, punish the loan, will not be tolerated. In the past ten years, we have been innovating from scratch, becoming an industry leader with more than 3000 employees and many upstream and downstream partners. We are a warm and loving school, students can gather together, not only because of us.

优酷土豆前副总裁卢梵溪被警方带走:涉嫌贪腐腾讯科技讯(刘亚澜)2月1日消息,合一集团(优酷土豆)内部信称前合一集团副总裁卢梵溪涉嫌利用职务之便进行违法犯罪行为,现已被警方带走调查。合一集团表示,在近期的一次内审中发现,某些制作项目财务上存在疑点,因数额较大、情节较为严重,公安机关已经介入调查。公安机关经侦查认为涉及贪腐。目前,已有涉事(前)员工卢梵溪被警方带走参与调查,案件在进一步调查之中。卢梵溪于2009年加入优酷,曾任优酷土豆集团副总裁、优酷出品总制片人。2015年7月,卢梵溪宣布离职创业,创业范围仍在视频领域。1月29日,在合一集团的年会上合一董事长兼CEO古永锵重点提到了公司内部廉政和反腐。“半年以来,廉政的团队开始启动反腐的活动。我们也发现了一些问题,很多事情是我非常痛心的,最近在做一些非常难的决定,都是对公司非常有贡献的人,非常难受。但这种情况下,法律就是底线,如果你真的有问题,那其实是在伤害每一个同学的利益,这是绝对不被允许的,如果这里还有这样的同学,我们就要求他下车,在未来大发展的十年,我们决不允许有这样的情况。虽然做一些决定很痛心,但是我们也会做”。以下为内部信全文:关于前员工卢梵溪涉嫌违法的内部通报合一全体同学:最近一年以来,集团大力推动全新的文化娱乐生态的建设,致力打造互联网+文化娱乐创业平台。为了让业务健康有序发展,集团对历史项目的财务、流程进行了全面的梳理。在内审过程中,我们发现某些制作项目存在严重的疑点,由于事情复杂严重,目前警方已经介入调查。目前掌握的情况是,前员工卢梵溪在职期间,涉嫌利用职务之便进行违法犯罪行为,卢梵溪已经被警方带走配合调查。卢梵溪在多年的工作中,对于公司的发展有着不可否认的贡献,对于此事的发生,公司管理层表示震惊、遗憾和痛心。此事突破了公司的底线、触及到法律,任何人都必须承担相应的后果。法不容情,希望大家引以为戒,严格自律。我们相信一个人、一个组织、一个行业只有做得正、才能走得远。集团会将反腐倡廉工作常态化,通过内审等手段,及时发现行为不端者并将其清除出我们的组织、请他下车;如果触及法律,集团也会充分利用法律手段维护自身及广大合作伙伴的权益,严惩不贷、绝不姑息。合一十年,我们从无到有,不断创新,成为拥有3000多名员工和众多上下游合作伙伴的行业领导企业。我们是一个温馨有爱的大学堂,同学们能汇集在一起,不仅是因为我们有着共同的目标和愿景,也是因为我们有着共同的价值观和行为准则。当下,我们所处的行业正在迎来前所未有的黄金时代,技术发展、商业模式创新、自频道爆发、IP繁荣。今年不论是在内容上还是产品研发方面,公司都将投入巨大的资金,在未来的三年内我们还将投入一百亿催生网生内容、打造全新的生态系统。宏大目标的成功需要每一位同学、每一个团队、每一家合作伙伴的创新和努力。集团大后台将不断优化内部架构、流程,不断强化运营管理和业务合作,建立规范的流程和行为准则,引领行业健康、良性、可持续发展。集团希望每一位同学都能开开心心做事,堂堂正正做人,严格遵守公司的管理规定和各项法律法规。在快速发展、不断创新中,同学们一起不断完善管理体系和流程,打造健康、绿色的多屏文化娱乐生态系统,推动中国文化娱乐产业的发展,分享快乐、智慧和感动。合一集团总裁办2016年2月1日 并购最终协议达成 阿里全现金收购优酷土豆 推广:微信搜索“BI中文站”公众号,收听来自硅谷最新鲜的科技资讯、最前沿的创业模式、最好玩的圈内故事。相关的主题文章: