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Yang Zhen the Malaga lottery Gijon won 3 single Wendan Troyes sopor aeternus

Posted on November 19, 2017 by hanson

Yang Zhen: the Malaga lottery Gijon won 3 single Troyes Wendan Yang Zhen, Brent 1 lottery recommended VS       Fulham; promotion: 03 Brent Ford recently state general, nearly 5 rounds only won 1 games, Fulham on round 5 ball victory over Huddersfield, was quite surprised. This disk Brent Fuld make flat half plate high water, look on the heat is not high, William Hill flat compensate open to terror 3.6, draw the election is not. 2, he   VS   tower door; Xing       promotion: it is difficult for Borussia 10 this game in the Champions League after the game, coach said Borussia this season to play several times for Friday’s game, especially after the Champions League, it’s a bit too tight. Herta of the season unbeaten home court record, but the track of Borussia in a complete mess. The disc has a tie plate rise disk flat half high water trend, the higher the chance to grab points. 3,   VS   boarded the sea; KARs;     promotion: 31 consecutive games are losing Hayden last week, the recent 4 confrontation, Hayden 1 flat 3 negative completely at a disadvantage. The disc aocai to hemisphere high water, other companies have to retire the disk flat half low water, at present the trend of the main victory is certainly the first choice, but on the back plate is draw up. 4,   VS  , Austria; Nuremberg;     promotion: 0 AOE successive rounds of losing a large margin, a very bad state. From the battle, AOE 4 official game against Nuremberg recently also all lose. This disk aocai to tie plate Nuremberg ultra low water by note, other companies are raising disc guest Let flat half high water, the compensate also looks afraid of be, not single Bo win problem. 5, VS       promotion: the German League in the league has been unbeaten in the 3 round, nearly 3 rounds into the ball, the attack is relatively strong. The two teams clash, 2 times Dussel and de tired draw. But this season Dussel home court remains undefeated, the plate flat plate, plate slightly water, through de tired round heroics do heat the suspicion of footwall disk, 3 can bo. 6, Malaga VS and         flood; promotion: 30 Mara this season only 1 negative home court, home court to track gijn high. 500, and gijn League this season so far away it. Recently gijn League 2, defensive progress, unfavorable situation or in the first round against Seville lost 1 balls under the final score, good performance. The last round of Malaga midfielder Castro eat red end, this round will be suspended. High water disc half one, I seem to care about the guest compensate observation results, I feel better to go two double. 7, Aya GFVS Saint Red Star       promotion: the first home win of the season for the first time in the 3 GF相关的主题文章: