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Yancheng Funing 3 year old boy was missing in front of the city together to find (video)-xhero

Posted on April 19, 2018 by hanson

Yancheng Funing 3 year old boy was missing in front of the city looking for the intersection point force in November 16th, Yancheng City Funing County, a 3 year old boy lost posts in Yancheng, the network forum, after the promotion of the city, looking for force. According to the intersection of reporters, the child is missing, there were three vans through here. Yesterday afternoon, the missing child’s mother Ms. Zhu told reporters recalled that more than 12 noon, her mother took her 26 month old son Hao (a pseudonym) in rice in the neighborhood, finished rice also to lunch time, the grandchild to go home to cook to eat milk. "At one o’clock, my mother came home to a hot dish." Ms. Zhu said anxiously, the time of the incident, cocoa was the grandmother put in front of the walker to play, my mother came home up to three minutes, when she was gone out of the vast. The vast grandmother searched the whole village, the neighbors are also involved in the search operation, but yet the vast shadow. In desperation, the family alarm for help. It is understood that in Funing County, lived in town, Ms. Zhu before a crossroads Wang Village, a pond nearby, but far from the house. Due to the rural areas, there is no reliable video surveillance. Village health all monitoring, but bad, near the fish ponds can not find the road monitoring." Ms. Zhu also said that the incident occurred, the vast wore a dark gray suit, wearing grey trousers, wearing a pair of sandals in summer. A local female villagers riding an electric car carrying a child to get the courier, see three vans through the door. She saw the first two normal driving, but the last one drove very fast, the van’s tail seems to be blocked with a black bag, did not pay attention to the vehicle information." Eight pm, the family has been rushed to the Funing County Public Security Bureau, the police to help the transfer of nearby bayonet monitoring, patrol car vehicle related information. Currently, the police have been involved in the investigation, efforts to seek. At the intersection of press time, the disappearance of the vast still did not find their families anxious, here, hope to provide clues to insiders. The family telephone: 1805168088118961531037. The intersection of Muxiao sub development reporter Fan has nothing to do with the original video. Qingyuan, Guangdong, 5 year old boy suspected of being stolen at home by traffickers相关的主题文章: