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William Chan circle pink Anita Yuen – the chorus of the rock of the – Sohu Entertainment – tinyos

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

William Chan Anita Yuen Wang Feng Chen Jianbin singing rock powder ring – Sohu William Chan entertainment handsome appearance Anita Yuen second sister many Sohu entertainment news "the first grade" will be held this Saturday night and come to the audience. The program of the new party let users see Xinjingroutiao, two teams can be roughly the same strength of the palm meat. For the last one which will belong to the key vote, users continue to guess. While the second phase of the program, students and students attend classes will usher in the first screening stage, made everyone nervous, go all out. The two teams of teachers have style all their own: Anita Yuen for "popular little meat William Chan Cobain students share the stage experience, Chen Jianbin invited rock Godfather Wang Feng scene teaching, such a strong cast lineup, it seems teams not only spell power, even the popularity to compete! Blood burst table: "the first grade" staged the most burning rugby Zhao Zhiwei, Cheng Yi Yu Yu Cheng pan Shuxin close combat "shualai double treasure" in order to let the students in the experimental class to put aside the tension, "the first grade" program group specially arranged a hot blood bowl bursting hormones. As a student in the training and the captain, Zhao Zhiwei and Cheng Yi have been compared, from the face value to a strength of their "love beans" between the tug of war between two fans in quietly staged. Although it is raining but does not affect the students fighting value, and shoulder the task captain Zhao Zhiwei and Cheng Yi not only led the players on the football field to fight, fight for honor, but also a lot of physical contact: bear hug, head and kill various skills from the wall "staged a poor…" bromance "full of close combat, presumably will lead a congregation of screaming fans sister lick the screen. It is reported that in football, in the overall combat effectiveness of less Cobain, leading to the score was Cobain students rolling. While in the ranks of the "debris" Miss Yu Shuxin see well, pick up their clothes to rugby thrust, make the other side of the Keban students look terrified, and upright Yu Shuxin again saying, said: "the beautiful strength are relatively weak, so all the people laugh and cry. With the very personal Pan Youcheng Yu Shuxin second "entourage", the whole duty escorting. Originally intended to help his teammates shouted Pan Pan, seeing no help, had to play "hug" Dafa, caught a "enemy" without demur directly open arms. The two "clown" shamelessly acts also suddenly let a tension instantly become easy. The "black double treasure" intervention in the score can catch up? In the situation frequently resorted to: Chen Jianbin dared Yu Bo sympathy was publicly criticized Shuxin Li Sha? By Remao site anti your previous show, Chen Jianbin in order to let the students to attend the extraordinary play, the embodiment of the "devil teacher" and let the students all complain incessantly, a series such as "lioness’s roar", "scream therapy", "a blow and a shout" "hell" turns staged, and after the vote, with tickets for the poor Yu Shuxin scene let Chen Jianbin very disgusted, angry he finally broke out, the public criticized "hate.相关的主题文章: