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Why to invest in real estate in China more and more Chinese people-superrecovery

Posted on April 19, 2018 by hanson

Why to invest in real estate in China more and more Chinese people? U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrant source: high-end intelligence platform xinhuanet.com spread the power of the mind: Thinking off while you do not pay attention to, for the Japanese real estate market rose, from three years ago began to attract global investors again. According to Japan’s NHK television reported that in 2014 foreign investment in Japan’s real estate turnover reached 981 billion 700 million yen (about RMB 64 billion 280 million), accounting for more than 2 of the domestic real estate market in japan. Tokyo downtown high-grade property by foreign buyers: panic buying Blackstone Group last year at a cost of 190 billion yen ($1 billion 600 million) in the city of Tokyo to buy more than 5 thousand sets of houses; Chinese Fosun Group invested in the business center of Tokyo station near new Shinagawa 70 billion yen (about $590 million), the purchase of a comprehensive 25 storey office building the United States, France and Germany; the investment fund were to buy office buildings and other comprehensive commercial facilities in Tokyo, and in the field of Shinjuku Shinagawa. Overseas buyers, especially rich in the Greater China region. According to the Japan Institute of real estate research, in the past year, at least 36 billion yen (about $300 million) of China’s private capital into the Japanese real estate market. According to Japan’s largest Chinese real estate company – warm light international real estate data show that the company’s monthly housing turnover can reach more than 100, the company’s customers are mainly from mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan. Overseas investors in Japan to buy real estate annual turnover (source: NHK) and the decisive investors hesitate to investors that the Japanese economy "lost twenty years", "aging population", "birth rate" problem of the real estate market is not good, Blackstone, crazy star? Japan as a developed country, it is not like the growth potential of emerging countries. However, Japan’s institutional and individual investors do not seem to care about Japan’s aging population and weak economic growth. What are the factors that drive them to ignore Japan’s two major problems? After the bubble burst in Japan real estate market more rational, long experience rose and other international metropolis compared to Japan’s big city prices is not eye-catching, as London and New York, San Francisco and other international metropolis, as well as the domestic first-tier cities North deep". It can also be said that after the bubble burst, the Japanese real estate bubble is much lower than the world’s most popular investment destination. The UK, Canada, China, the United States and japan. It is not difficult to find that in five countries, Japan’s housing price index is the lowest, since the bubble burst in 91 years, and then did not experience a larger increase. Japan from 1980 to date, the price increase is the smallest of the five countries, and the gap between the other four countries is quite large. On the one hand, we can think that the weak housing prices, "the lost twenty years"; on the other hand, weak gains also shows that the Japanese real estate market is very rational, housing prices did not deviate significantly from the value of the house itself. In Britain and the United States 1相关的主题文章: