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When the large-sized apartment, the deformation of bone furniture sells lata-01

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

When the large-sized apartment, "the deformation of bone" furniture popular? Stand up? "Is a common double door wardrobe, press a button down, the back is a double bed with a soft mattress, such furniture is the most suitable for us square meters of large-sized apartment." In the opinion of Miss Zhou, the first criterion for the purchase of furniture is the diversity of its functions. ?? "Chinese real estate index system monthly report" pointed out: Chinese city population increased by about 1% a year, every year there are about million couples get married, the limited purchasing power, tend to buy affordable housing to the large-sized apartment, in China city will reach the level of 55% to 60%, there will be 260 million farmers to move into the city. Most will choose the large-sized apartment. Large-sized apartment hot, development is bound to drive the furniture market. In this regard, the industry believes that multi-functional, compact furniture will be more development money scene". ?? Phenomenon: the large-sized apartment furniture popular?? in recent years, with the market Changsha way high prices make people stride forward singing militant songs, flinch. Due to the increase in the pressure of buyers, people turned to small Huxing market, which will undoubtedly bring together small Huxing furniture hot. "The house is not big, only square meters, small Huxing furniture can make the compact space looks great, even if the person does not feel crowded." Wang, who lives in the west slope of Tongzi believes that compared to ordinary large furniture, multi-functional, modular furniture can make full use of small Huxing residential space. "Small but complete, the sofa bottom can receive a lot of clothes, books, tables and chairs when they do not need can also be hidden in the wall cabinets, wall mounted cabinet is beautiful and save space." ?? Like Miss Wang, a 29 year old Miss Li is more optimistic about the large-sized apartment furniture, "just the beginning to buy this house, have to also mortgage each month, so the home want as far as possible to save, large-sized apartment furniture design are fine, innovative, more suitable for us. Like this sofa bed is a bed, fold up is a sofa, not a waste of space." ??: market volume increased by 20%  ?? October day, the reporter visited Changsha several large furniture stores found that extendable dining table, folding bed, multifunctional combined wardrobe is very popular, people buy mainly single apartment owners. ?? "Is a single or a young couple to buy large-sized apartment furniture, because their houses are generally not large, economic ability is limited, will choose some strong function and small volume of furniture." Shaoshan South Road, a brand furniture sales Miss Deng said, "like the extendable dining table is basically the large-sized apartment furniture choice, with a hidden extra leaf size can be adjusted according to the table, sit to people." ?? Wanjiali Road, a brand furniture sales Miss Zou also said that this year the large-sized apartment is more popular than usual furniture. Now the market is good, passenger traffic more than twice as much as in previous years, small household furniture turnover increased by nearly 20% over the same period." Miss Zou believes that the style of simple, functional small Huxing furniture more popular with young people. "Especially the folding sofa bed sell very well, the day is folded around the sofa, opened the night becomes a comfortable bed, the bottom of the space can be filled"相关的主题文章: