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What does a man do when a woman gives birth to a child Sohu –shdoclc.dll

Posted on April 20, 2018 by hanson

What does a man do when a woman gives birth to a child? Sohu mother these days to see these things there are feelings too, really want to let her sister know, don’t pick the wrong man… Maybe in the future, these things will happen to us…. Practice in obstetrics and gynecology for nearly three weeks, the following is the best event I encountered… Everything is true… First in the maternity ward. The maternity ward patients, a miscarriage, birth, postpartum in each patient is dangerous. 70 patients had more than a dozen are dying first: the patient is very strange, in at least three weeks, since I entered the ward practice has known that she was in the hospital always thought she was pregnant a few days ago a glance at history, scared me ~ ~ originally Baotai seriously ill let I am pregnant 8 produce 0 be struck dumb……. 02 years ~03 years ~05 years of the stream of people once, 07~08~09 each time I overheard a stream, there is a time only because of forced cough for a little bit of ~04… So this is an early pregnancy in the hospital ~ ~ in order to give birth to the child can only lie in bed every day ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ we all understand it ~ ~ stream of people to do more, it becomes habitual abortion…… PS: she’s got a man. You are not responsible for yourself, the woman should be subjected to such a crime? Second: one day sent a patient to the operation room for caesarean section room on the 4 floor D District, to push the patient to the two floor, A district after a reversing channel long to go to the hospital, the patient to the operation room operation room push 13 floor is a long process. Of course, a bunch of family members to go along. After I sent the patient to the operation room, her husband asked me how long the operation was done I said, for an hour and then ask, where do we go to see the child? I said, go back to the waiting room. He said, "let’s go back with you." I said, what else do you say to the patient? He looked at the old lady next to him (his mother) We’ll go back to the ward. I could not bear it, "you would not ask your wife to finish operation where you pick up?" I’ve seen too many people these days, PS:, to sum up the law. Those who follow me and ask me where to look at the children must be the family. Those who follow me and ask me where to get the patient must be the woman’s family. Don’t think I’m one-sided. Those who want to be a father, ah, you have to be a father, and you are happy, but do not forget his wife ah. Immediately to surgery, do not know how to appease it? I don’t know what to say Just ask the kids not to ask their children? If I were your wife, I’d have to die…. Third: is also sent to the operation room surgery patients to many families, but only one man. Is the husband of beds is pushing patients some of the older woman, should be in laws like they say)相关的主题文章: