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We released the light of dawn, and the host computer Mobile Games mobile phone three terminal intero www.yngbzx.cn

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

We released the "light of dawn", the host computer and mobile phone Mobile Games Phoenix three end exchange dawn Francisco September 7th message, blue harbor interactive released the country’s first mobile phone, computer, today officially host three terminal 3D interworking Mobile Games "light of dawn", the game will be on September 8th the entire platform line.     it is reported that the "light of dawn" in 2012 is the blue harbor interactive independent research and development of 3D double end (client + web) action game, since the line total over 27 million users, the cumulative water over 500 million. After a lapse of four years, the dawn of light end tour producer Zola led the team, will be adapted to this classic game for the next generation MMOARPG hand tour. "Light of dawn" Mobile Games will achieve interoperability with the client and the original end ", and based on the blue R & D" FUZE game machine "to launch a host version, game player can also the same game on mobile phone, computer, computer experience, this also makes the blue harbor interactive became the first to a horizontal open, mobile phone products the host computer and three end game company. Blue harbour interactive group board chairman Wang Feng has repeatedly said that the future will adhere to the pan blue harbor interactive entertainment and international business, through multiple product layout, accelerate the "shadow roaming" three-in-one strategic landing.相关的主题文章: