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Very father and son file Mason Mun crazy abuse Aarif Lee darren hayes

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

"Father and son" Mason Mun "mad child" Aarif Lee Aarif Lee and his son Mason Mun Aarif Lee racing coaster chase Mason Mun with warmth "Dad" sperm Aarif Lee Sina entertainment news recently, set file released in November 4th Carnival film "father and son" exposed a group of Canadian nationality mixed adorable baby Mason Mun stills, and released a new trailer. Mason Mun’s role as a Chinese came across the ocean sea to donate his clever interpretation of a conquest of high cold dad adorable warm story. As Mason Mun first appeared on the big screen Chinese heavy work, "father and son" that had not seen for a long time his fans exclaimed "did not think Mason is so big." "I want to have a dozen such adorable treasure". This "national son" captured the hearts of countless mothers, they have expressed too much hope for a new baby. Since the birth of the first appeared in the genius baby, Mason Mun by virtue of this piece of the harvest high popularity. Baby boys Mason Mun and Chung Geun-hee [micro-blog] on this classic screen and CP is impressive, in the play Chinese Mason as a drag, continue to give the 19 year old father Chung Geun-hee trouble, he cruelly toss. Now eight years later, in "father and son" Chinese Mason will partner Aarif Lee [micro-blog] and re interpretation of the romance, Aarif Lee will also abuse a new height, can be described as the "father of abuse from overseas". And master, crash when Dad, Aarif Lee plays "Zhou Liyan" in the face of the drop from the clouds son, filled with great resistance. This also means that Mason Mun can overcome the high cold dad is full of unknown, full of unlimited expectations. Mason Mun in the very father and son file in the role of very pleasing, his performance is quite eye-catching. As a high value – Yan child, Mason Mun in the film is definitely "Adorable" play, full energy to let the hearts of fans will be melted at any time. Aarif Lee was full of praise for the "son": "working with Mason, every day is happy. He either cried or laughed crazy, even more than my dad." It is particularly worth mentioning is that Mason Mun is in "father and son" in acting is leverage. He will not only single family children eager to father the most incisive expression, but also to act as a matchmaker to father Aarif Lee and mother Kim Ha Neul transnational love. He would like a sensible young adults, sometimes cute like an elf, a few Kuxi showed natural and tension, director Cao Zhenmo praised its "amazing acting, unlimited potential". It is understood that Mason Mun and Aarif Lee although there are obstacles to the language, but the two people are very cooperative but tacit understanding. Because of the "very soon" father and son two people but also maintained very close contact. Mason is always called Aarif Lee "Zhi Ting father", while Aarif Lee also from time to time in micro-blog transatlantic interaction with the son, the two become pro son. Recently, Aarif Lee’s wonderful performance in the film "grand track" in, let fans see his ability to handle different roles. And the "father and son file" as a major outbreak of Aarif Lee acting, comedy gene highlights a work, he and Mason Mun相关的主题文章: