Turn sadness into a creative artist’s fruitless love Sohu-y580

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Grief for the creation of the artists had the result of romance – Sohu lovelorn heartbreaking, unconsciously tears, even despair of the surroundings. French sculptor Camille (Camille Claudel) at the age of 19 with teacher Luo Dan, served as his assistant and models, two children for his family, pay the youth and talent, but Luo Dan (Auguste Rodin) there is always another friend Rosie (Rose Beuret), she waited 10 years later, he chose break up, but could not bear the pain of love dies, his last 30 years were spent in a mental hospital. Luo Dan was a well-known sculptor, a son and a tailor rose fell in love, fertility, had a life of poverty, two people living together for more than 20 years, Luo Dan is 76 years old when they decided to get married and Rosie. But Luo Dan never Camille and live together, even with Camille love, will also write to Rosie about their affection. In 10 years, Camille found himself unable to replace Rosie Luo Dan in the heart, finally choose to break up with him in 1898, from the beginning of independent creation. A student of Luo Dan and lover camille. Her masterpiece "mature years" (The Age of Maturity), and their love triangle with Luo Dan rose as inspiration, pulling and conflict between the three nude figures creation. In the "mature years", a young woman feet kneeling on the ground, looked sad and helpless, want to hold hands in front of a middle-aged man hand, begging him not to leave you like?, but the man was an ugly, old woman holding together, toward the walk the distance, suggesting that Luo Dan to Rosie abandon camille. However, some people think that "mature years" has other meanings, symbolizing the passage of human youth and the fate of aging and death. Although Camille and Luo Dan broke up seven years, actively involved in artistic creation, but she suffered from mental illness suffering, often to poison her, Luo Dan delusion plagiarism own inspiration, on several occasions will himself in the room, do not want to eat, or even destroy their works. In 1905, Camille family was sent to a mental hospital until his convalescence, she remained, living in a mental hospital for over 30 years without re creation. Camille "mature years". Dora and Picasso love shooting his creative process when artists love artists, their love will inspire each other more creative inspiration, but love dies, the heart will be more pain. French surrealist photographer Dora (Dora Maar) and Picasso fell in love after a year, for the first time in the photography exhibition in Paris, the work is welcomed by people, but two people after breaking up, Dora not only suffer mental illness, can not re creation of photographic works. Dora’s early often by women as the theme of creation, and add mirror, spider webs, snail shells, eyes and other elements, create God?, treacherous atmosphere, trying to explore their inner world. Like "The Years Lie in Wait fo net"

化悲伤为创作 艺术家没结果的恋情-搜狐   失恋会令人心碎、不自觉掉泪,甚至对周遭一切感到绝望。法国雕塑家卡蜜儿(Camille Claudel)19 岁时爱上老师罗丹,长期担任他的助手与模特儿,还替他生育两个孩子,付出了青春与才华,但罗丹(Auguste Rodin)始终有另一位伴侣萝丝(Rose Beuret),她等待 10 多年后,愤而选择分手,却因无法承受恋情消逝的痛苦,人生最后 30 年都在精神病院度过。   罗丹在成为知名雕塑家前,与一名裁缝师萝丝相恋、生育一子,曾共同度过贫困的生活,两人同居超过 20 年,罗丹高龄 76 岁时也决定与萝丝结婚。而罗丹从未与卡蜜儿住在一起,即使与卡蜜儿相恋时,也会写信给萝丝倾诉自己的情意。   相恋 10 多年来,卡蜜儿发现自己无法取代萝丝在罗丹心中的地位,最后选择在 1898 年与他分手,从此开始独立创作。      罗丹的学生与情人卡蜜儿。   她的代表作《成熟岁月》(The Age of Maturity)便以自己、罗丹与萝丝的三角恋情为灵感,创作三位裸体人物之间的拉扯与冲突。   在《成熟岁月》里,一名年轻女子双脚跪在地面,神情哀伤、无奈,伸出双手想握住前方中年男子的手,彷?乞求他不要离开自己,但男子被一名面貌丑陋、年老的女人抱着,共同朝向远方走去,暗示罗丹为了萝丝选择抛弃卡蜜儿。但也有人认为《成熟岁月》有其他涵义,象征人类青春逝去,迎向衰老与死亡的命运。   虽然卡蜜儿与罗丹分手七年间,积极投入艺术创作,但她饱受精神疾病所苦,时常妄想罗丹要对她下毒、剽窃自己的灵感,曾数次将自己关在房里、不愿进食,甚至破坏自己的作品。1905 年,卡蜜儿被家人送入精神病院疗养,直到过世前,她都待在精神病院生活,30 多年都没有再创作。      卡蜜儿《成熟岁月》。   朵拉与毕卡索相恋 拍摄他的创作历程   当艺术家爱上艺术家,他们的恋情会激发彼此更多创作灵感,但恋情消逝时,内心也会更加痛苦。法国超现实主义摄影师朵拉(Dora Maar)与毕卡索相恋一年后,首次在巴黎参与摄影展,作品受到人们欢迎,但两人分手后,朵拉不只受精神疾病折磨,也无法再创作摄影作品。   朵拉早期常以女人为主题创作,并添加镜子、蜘蛛网、蜗牛壳、眼珠等元素,营造神?、诡谲的氛围,试图探索她们的内心世界。像《The Years Lie in Wait for You》捕捉女性抚摸自己的脸、眼神淡漠的情景,画面前方则有一只蜘蛛吐丝、编织了一张网,彷?囚禁了女人的青春与美丽。   1936 年,朵拉与毕卡索相识后,他们不只成为一对恋人,也是共同创作的伙伴。朵拉发挥自己的摄影才华,帮毕卡索拍摄《格尔尼卡》的构思草稿与创作过程,替他保留珍贵纪录。   虽然朵拉与毕卡索深受彼此艺术才华吸引,但两人性格强烈、自尊心高,无法长久相处,再加上毕卡索四处留情,无法只对单一女性忠诚,两人最后以分手收场。1943 年,毕卡索与学生吉洛(Francoise Gilot)发生关系后,朵拉曾对毕卡索说,「你毕生从未爱过任何人,你不知道如何去爱」。   与毕卡索分手后,朵拉没有完全放弃艺术创作,仍继续写诗与作画。但她往后年岁月不再拿起照相机创作,也深受精神病所苦,开始笃信天主教,希望内心能获得平静与救赎,她曾说,「继毕卡索之后,仅有神」。      朵拉《The Years Lie in Wait for You》。   本文章为创用授权,转载请注明本站出处。   文 非池中艺术网相关的主题文章: