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Tmall to spend tens of millions of cooperation, Ali, why did you think the guest – Sohu Technology ca1477

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Tmall to spend tens of millions of cooperation, Ali, why did you think the guest? Sohu technology with the electricity supplier shopping Carnival Festival "double eleven" is approaching, consumer and grab the headlines of news triggered at any moment, more and more, do not know when this "double eleven" itself transformed into a vocabulary of no importance to stimulate consumer nerve adrenaline. And recently, the live broadcast platform announced the official announcement of the eleven pairs of Tmall exclusive broadcast live strategic partner of the news caused a hot industry. Live help, Ali reflected off to create new double eleven days before the guest according to the mapping from the official gazette that Ali and reflect off live reached a strategic cooperation alliance of tens of millions of business. The specific mode of cooperation is divided into several parts, first of all, during the double eleven campaign, users simply open the Ying guest live will have the opportunity to get eleven red Tmall double coupons, and as long as eleven during the double participation reflected off the official activities, but also reflect the customer use Tmall double eleven exclusive gift to their favorite anchor. Secondly, during the double eleven campaign, there will be a hundred big stars live in continuous line reflected off platform launch, has become the exclusive Star Shopping guide users "". This means that Tmall will jointly build a customer and reflect the history of the big star shopping group ", for the double eleven global Carnival chelseagreat. Let guests live in this field reflects the double eleven Carnival to take in the city. In addition, there are a lot of first-line brands such as FAW Volkswagen, Unilever, Estee Lauder, etc. will also be unveiled live broadcast, continue to lead the way in the form of the user through the sale of live help Tmall double eleven. Combination, Ali released guest for find a long time ago, Tmall has already embedded in the product in the broadcast function, but why is selected as the only commercial customers reflect the strategic cooperation platform this year, eleven live double field? This is a significant relationship with the outbreak of the broadcast industry this year and reflect the customer’s own industry status. A simple truth is, if online shopping can help buyers and sellers through live video interaction, then broadcast the voice, picture, real-time communication of these functions can certainly make lifeless "buyers show" become more attractive to consumers "sell home show", help to improve the efficiency and the users of online shopping experience. According to Analysys think tank released "China live entertainment industry white paper 2016" show entertainment live in a wide range of people, the main user is 85, after 90 people, at the same time, there are more and more after 95 and 00 after they participate in, and this kind of young user groups is precisely the main force of the network shopping. Therefore, the influence of live market momentum so rapidly, the industry tycoon Ali finally can’t turn a blind eye, choose the leader in the industry together to create a "live" broadcast + play also is be not at all surprising. On the other hand, according to the cheetah global think tank released in September, the 2016 China broadcast App latest ranking shows that the first week of the first week of active users ranked ranked first in the list of mobile live class APP. In fact, reflected on the line in May 2015, when the broadcast industry is in the ascendant, and reflect only 4 months time, on the surrender of the registered user super.相关的主题文章: