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Three labor pain, watching his mother want to embrace mother – Sohu-aquaria

Posted on April 18, 2018 by hanson

Three delivery pain, want to embrace her mother after maternal child – Sohu how much pain? Medical pain is divided into ten grades, the vast majority of the precious mother feel the pain of children can reach level nine, and some even think that has reached the level of ten. Which, according to the fundus, uterine contraction pain, oxytocin is recognized as the most difficult to endure childbirth three pain, how painful, what kind of pain, and listen to the October yiyidaolai bacteria. Nun Killer 1 – delivery industry filed uterine contractions pain, presumably the children moms are fresh. Such as uterine Nun Killer like staunch temperament was cold and cruel. At first, she strode (uterine) such as dysmenorrhea like footsteps approaching the pregnant mother, pregnant mother can also endure the pain, but gradually, she (uterine) really is a little bit of exposure, with the passage of time, uterine contraction pain gradually increased, and the interval of time is shorter, more and more pain long. A means to open ten means the final away from the original palace mouth, waiting in the long process, the power of death (uterine) like a tidal wave of the wave after wave of fierce, this downward abdominal pain gradually spread to bear, a pregnant mother belly with a ticking bomb! The only thing we can look forward to is that the palace is a little faster, a little faster! 2 according to the fundus — talk about the mere mention of a 3. In the obstetric palace fighting drama "harem Zhen ·?", we understand the arrogant, arrogant Hua Fei goddess, is remembered she gave in the summer a 3. This is a red hit, the burning pain as hell on inferno. But that is like pain, treasure the mother after the birth of her child had also experienced more than once, and this is a 3. — let obstetric people talk about the mere mention of the palace at the end. By the end of the palace refers to the pregnant mother after the birth of the child with his hand to press her stomach. According to the fundus of the role is to help his mother out of lochia and blood, promote uterine contraction, uterine self help recovery, which is very important for the experienced cesarean section treasure mom. But it is important to treasure the mother, although know the reason, but according to the fundus is inconsistent, every day to the time according to the fundus, the maternity ward is a look at the postpartum wail like ghosts and howl like wolves, weakness and teeth and endure such torture Po mom, October is the heart can not bear bacteria. 3 dozen oxytocin — are you Invincible Eastern embroidery needle sent? Memories of childhood, we will think of "Saint Seiya", think of "Legend of the White Snake", will think of "The Legendary Swordsman" in Invincible Eastern and his gold can be used as Jian embroidery needle. In real life people may not have the needle embroidery TV series so weird, but you know pregnant mother lost experience of oxytocin, like being with a needle point bar. In the clinic, mainly for oxytocin induced labor, oxytocin, postpartum hemorrhage and subinvolution of uterus, the mechanism is through the smooth muscle of uterus, to enhance uterine contraction, in order to speed up the frequency of the contraction. Just began to lose Suogong Sushi, pregnant mother is not what the unusual feeling, but who knows the great potential of oxytocin, lose more in the future, more treasure mom will feel pain!相关的主题文章: