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Those good dad’s body, all these advantages! Sohu –tw.battle.net

Posted on April 19, 2018 by hanson

Those good dad’s body, all these advantages! – Sohu, a mother and father, had shared a warm clip on micro-blog: daughter every day before going to bed, they will shout: "horse, horse, father horse!" His father understood the meaning of his little daughter and knelt down on the ground. So, the little girl stepped on his father’s legs, happy heart, launched the. My daughter is timid, "launched" afraid to sit straight, can only lie close to the face, father’s neck, father can clearly feel her breath…… Then, "father horse" with "small Gong Ju", a circle in the bedroom around, until the "small Gong Ju" satisfaction. His father was full of happiness with emotion: I really hope that my daughter does not grow up, I really hope that when the daughter of the father horse, then a circle forever go…… Father, although there is no love so sweet and warm, but it has a unique mellow, lingering. In the child’s life, love is irreplaceable. When the children were small, the father let the boy let the girl like a boy, like a girl. The boy from the father, language, behavior observation and imitation of mature men, after a long time the influence of infiltration, the boy will become brave, strong, masculine, confident, and ultimately grow into little man’s home, not to become a "sissy". The girl from the father, the formation of the first impression of the opposite sex, and learn to contact with the opposite sex experience. In the future with the opposite sex, girls are just the right degree, independent, not easy to be confused not easy "blandishments, slag male". When the children grow up, the father let them understand their social position and should play the father, teach children to "sense" when children enter the society began to work, the need to master the skills in the workplace is "play and cooperation". Cooperation can make efficient operation of a team, also can let you in a mutual exchange with the harvest; play, let a person to win everyone’s respect and trust, get more network resources, thus more conducive to success. Father, teach children to "love" when the children set up their own family, they will no longer be the day the baby was spoiled shamelessly. The stability of family relationship and maintenance, to every member of the family emotional pay, husband to Gu, love wife, show the male specific romantic and magnanimous wife; be gentle, clean, warm and comfortable environment for the whole family, exotic. Father, teach children to "interesting" once children, eventually as a father, mother, children will be exposed to bitterness, will harvest more joys with children. The secret is to get along with their children, maintain a childlike innocence, can repair a car, but also won the children’s toys assembled Lego, this is a good father. Father, teach children to "heart" when the child became adults, parents have a day of aging, they started walking, became inside need companionship and care like a child. Have children, no matter how busy work, will take time to go home to see, accompany.相关的主题文章: