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This is very strange iphone7 first sale outlets queuing up but not much (video)-invictus gaming

Posted on April 18, 2018 by hanson

This is very strange: iPhone7 first sale outlets queuing up but not much each reporter Meng Qingjian iPhone7 as the apple camp a conventional upgrade products, the market speculation that it may be a dud. The "daily economic news" reporter in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday this year, visited some of Apple stores found that generally overcrowded, consumer experience, buy redubujian. If you buy from the cattle where bright black iPhone7 plus may need to increase the maximum 8000 yuan. Domestic electricity supplier, the channel is generally out of stock status. Perhaps the situation does not mean that iPhone7 can reverse the continuous decline in the decline of apple. In the first purchase date of iPhone7, a number of data show that consumers of Apple heat decline compared with previous years. "IPhone7 is currently released from the innovation point of view, the optimistic view can inspire a group of users to update, but not enough to lead the market to usher in a new wave of replacement." Wang Yanhui, Secretary General of China Mobile alliance. The first market is two times last year, apple on Thursday (September 15th) told the media that since the opening of the book, the first iPhone7Plus has been sold in the world. In addition, the U.S. operator T- Mobile and Sprint have also said that iPhone7 predetermined amount far exceeded expectations. Morgan, an investment bank, said that Apple’s initial production plan for iPhone7 was the same as that of last year’s iPhone6s, although the iPhone7’s initial market was up to 29, more than two times what it was last year. What is the actual sales data for iPhone7? Reuters reported that Apple spokesman has said that the company will not release the first weekend sales of iPhone7. Bloomberg quoted analysts said, iPhone7Plus dual lens parts supply shortage to some extent limits the production of iPhone7Plus. "We knew before that the issue of double lens would limit the sale of iPhone7Plus, and the supplier could not deliver these parts in large quantities." In the first day, the Chinese market is still enthusiastic about iPhone7. The reporter visited the learned field, the number of fruit powder lined up in Zhongguancun to buy iPhone7 have been significantly better than the same period last year. Not only the mainland so, Xinhua News Agency reporters in Hongkong reported that Apple retail stores in Tongluowan, found in the vicinity of more than the number of mobile phones to buy a cell phone. Compared to the past, this year to buy Apple’s new mobile phone consumers relatively calm, the majority of customers take the phone sold to cattle. In this case there is New York. Market research agency’s (PiperJaffray) analyst Jean · Munster said in the apple iPhone7 on sale the same day, New York is located in the Fifth Avenue outside Apple’s flagship store, only about 400 people waiting in line for the new iPhone listed, and queuing scene is actually the huge crowds of people in the past. 400 people waiting team, hit a new low since the 2009 launch of Apple’s iPhone iPhone3GS queue waiting for the new listing. Munster said, "we estimate that this year, New York no..相关的主题文章: