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The world bank issued the first RMB SDR bonds in China – Beijing www.ggg138.com

Posted on November 30, 2017 by hanson

The world bank issued the first RMB SDR bonds in China – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, August 31 (reporter Ding Dong) Chinese central bank and the world bank announced in Beijing on 31, the world bank initial SDR denominated bonds issued in the (SDR) China successfully, the issue size of 500 million SDR, for a period of 3 years, settlement this is the first currency into Renminbi denominated in Renminbi bonds SDR, help to improve the level of internationalization of the rmb. The same day at the World Bank (IBRD) denominated bonds issued in 2016 the first phase of the SDR ceremony, the people’s Bank of China vice president, director of the State Administration of foreign exchange, Pan Gongsheng said that the issue of active subscription attracted banks, securities and insurance as well as domestic investors overseas monetary authorities, international development institutions about 50 institutions the subscription ratio reached 2.47. Special drawing rights (SDR) is an international reserve asset created by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). As a supplement to the official reserve of member countries, the basket composed of four currencies, such as US dollar, euro, yen and sterling, is the benchmark. In 2015, the IMF announced that the RMB will join the SDR basket of currencies in October 1, 2016, which will expand the demand for special drawing rights and become an important step in the development of RMB as a reserve currency. Arunma Oteh, vice president of the world bank, says that SDR bonds allow investors to avoid the risks posed by changes in the single currency exchange rate and support the widespread use of the renminbi and the SDR. The central bank said the first phase of the world bank SDR valuation successfully issued bonds, denominated bonds reflects the SDR tools to circumvent the single currency interest rate and exchange rate risk, foreign investors diversified asset allocation advantage in favor of the rich China bond market trading varieties, are also used to expand SDR. Next, the central bank will continue to improve the SDR pricing bonds trading, settlement and other arrangements, and constantly improve the liquidity of SDR valuation bonds, and further promote the opening and development of China’s bond market. (end)

世界银行在华发行首只人民币结算SDR债券-中新网   中新社北京8月31日电 (记者 丁栋)中国央行与世界银行31日在北京宣布,世界银行首期特别提款权(SDR)计价债券在中国成功发行,发行规模为5亿SDR,期限为3年,结算货币为人民币,这是首只以人民币结算的SDR债券,有助于提升人民币国际化水平。   当天举行的世界银行(国际复兴开发银行)2016年第一期SDR计价债券发行仪式上,中国人民银行副行长、国家外汇管理局局长潘功胜表示,本次发行吸引了银行、证券、保险等境内投资者以及境外货币当局、国际开发机构等约50家机构的积极认购,认购倍数达到2.47。   特别提款权(SDR)是国际货币基金组织创立的一种国际储备资产,作为成员国官方储备的补充,目前以美元、欧元、日元及英镑四种货币组成的篮子为计价基准。国际货币基金组织于2015年宣布,人民币将于2016年10月1日加入SDR货币篮子,将扩大投资者对特别提款权的需求,也是人民币发展成为储备货币的重要一步。   世界银行副行长奥特(Arunma Oteh)表示,SDR债券令投资者有机会避免单一货币汇率变动带来的风险,支持人民币和SDR的广泛使用。   央行称,世界银行首期SDR计价债券的成功发行,体现了SDR计价债券规避单一货币工具利率和汇率风险、多元化境内外投资者资产配置的优势,有利于丰富中国债券市场交易品种,也有利于扩大SDR的使用。下一步,央行将继续完善SDR计价债券的交易、结算等安排,不断提高SDR计价债券流动性,进一步推动中国债券市场的开放与发展。(完)相关的主题文章: