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The workers well cleaning methane smoked down fire 22 minutes to grab two lives (video) www.haole10.com

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

The workers well cleaning methane smoked down fire 22 minutes to grab two lives dredging sewers two workers were at the bottom of biogas smoked down 12 afternoon about 1:40, Garden Park Economic Zone Three hospital occurred in the accident, two workers in the sewage management well cleaning wastewater, because the underground environment is too bad but, not wearing any protective facilities, is the bottom of the biogas smoked down coma. Critical moment, Dalian Huayuankou fire squadron firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue, due to the hole stenosis, two firefighters to wear a respirator turns down, with 22 minutes rescued two trapped in hospital to rescue. Garden squadron instructor Monbut told reporters after receiving the alarm, the garden mouth squadron dispatched two fire engines rushed to the scene of the fire brigade 13. Sewage wells are located in the mouth of the economic zone of the Park incubator 3 hospital. Sewage well depth of 5 meters, but only the wellhead diameter of 50 cm. Because there is no clean up a long time, a large number of methane collected at the bottom." Monbut said that the two sewage cleanup workers well when not wearing protective measures were smoked down athymia. "Because the underground environment is particularly bad, and the two trapped in the underground has been trapped for some time." Monbut said that the command immediately ordered the establishment of two wells rescue teams take turns to work, but the commander immediately ordered a plurality of air respirator cylinder open at the same time for the well placed bottom gas dilution. "In the rescue process, we encountered the greatest difficulty is the underground space is too small, the widest place is less than 0.7 meters." Monbut told reporters that it is difficult for rescue workers to wear air respirator downhole operations, the commander ordered the use of a ladder to save the well. Instructor Monbut regardless of personal safety. In the underground rescue process because the bottom is almost no oxygen, and the light is dim, it is difficult to rescue the trapped in the bundle belt body, Meng cloth with years of experience in special rescue, successfully a rescue personnel trapped well. Followed by a battle class monitor well trapped on another rescue. Rescue process, firefighters did not relax, seize all the time to rescue, 14 minutes and 05 minutes, the last one who was successfully rescued from the well, all handed over to rescue 120. From 13:43 firefighters to rescue the rescue of two trapped, the entire rescue time took only 22 minutes. When trapped on the well, the scene rang out applause.相关的主题文章: