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The use of highly toxic pesticides farmers in Jiaxing lotus the criminal conspiracy has been unmaske misao

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

The use of highly toxic pesticides farmers of Jiaxing lotus to find someone fucking the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked phorate for many crops farmers and friends are not unfamiliar, it is very useful indeed in kill pests. However, due to the toxicity is too large, the agricultural sector has banned the use of the. Jiaxing District of Xiuzhou Youchegang township is a farmer, the illegal use of phorate in his lotus field, was discovered, they collude with others over the top. As a result, 3 people involved were arrested by the police. Today, the Xiuzhou District People’s court hearing the case. The court, on their own the doings very regret it is understood that the 43 year old, is a farmer Youchegang Township, live on the farm. Her wife Yu Xia 44 years old this year, usually the main handsome vegetables sold in the market, earn money. This year, the A Jun family has contracted a few acres outian, income is also good. To kill insects, improve outian yield, the morning of May 12th, the old and the workers wear tight, came to the farm, beginning with "phorate". Phorate volatile, causing the villagers alert, they immediately report to the Department of agricultural economics. Law enforcement officers came to the scene, ask to see the pesticide spraying a-jun. Because he is guilty, grabbed a bottle of phorate spray run, but law enforcement officers at the scene or find clues. Prosecutors presented evidence in court: "law enforcement officers in the field inside the salvage has a pesticide, pesticide and found on the ridge in snakeskin, and there are Outang dead fish, these pesticides are bought by Ding Shaojun." Out of this sort afterwards, the old workers back home, the home heel wife Yu Xia discuss discussion, they came up with an idea: "top package". Wang called the old relatives of the old term, want him to act as the scapegoat, said he was playing pesticides. The defendant said: "I am more fields, I am afraid I went in, my field no one management. So I call the old perjury." The old man is also a confused egg, a look at the usual relationship is good, really promised down, willing to help A Junkang this thing. The old said: "I think it is not serious, if you know the law so serious, I can not commit perjury." Later, farming classics department to have the case transferred to the police, Arjun was soon arrested. His wife Yu Xia in order to save her husband, even the trustee call old man, also told him how to cheat the police. This little trick can not deceive the police, after careful inquiry, the old and finally can not stand the pressure, explain the top package. August, Liu, old Ren, Yu Xia were detained by the police. Yu Xia Ren how to teach the old perjury results in the dock prosecutors believe that A Jun in the production of food mixed with toxic or harmful non food raw materials, shall be based on the production of poisonous and harmful food crimes shall be prosecuted for criminal liability, directs others perjury should be based on the crime of obstruction of evidence shall be prosecuted for criminal responsibility. While the old, Yu Xia should be the crime of harboring criminal responsibility. In this case the court will choose a sentencing date.相关的主题文章: