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The star of the International Motor Racing Championship-pork face

Posted on April 20, 2018 by hanson

International Electric Racing Championship star on October 8th -9, international electric Racing Championship (FE) in the central coastal island of Hongkong, the annual FE will attract millions of viewers; the contest, the audience can not only various high-tech products live events nervous stimulation can also enjoy BMW, Jaguar, Audi and other international manufacturers to bring the. Yadi Lightning as the world’s only received FE invited exhibitors two electric motorcycle manufacturers with Yadi Z3 debut scene, attracted people stop many of the exhibition, in addition to Yadi Lightning first announced a strategic cooperation has also aroused widespread concern in the industry. The glory of the king Yadi Lightning to highlight the strength of innovation Yadi electric car industry set Z3 as the intelligent fashion and quality of driving in one of the leading representatives, become the absolute bright show a can not be ignored, attracting a large number of people gathered to watch the exhibition. Yadi Z3 broke the people’s impression of the traditional electric vehicle, intelligent riding into all aspects, not only convenient and comfortable ride more interesting; and powerful configuration, also let Yadi Z3 satisfy people’s pursuit of wanton riding in the power and endurance performance; a strong visual impact of fashion design sense of the future people impressive. In addition, Yadi Lightning jointly unveiled the first launch of LS-218, no doubt to the audience brings a new definition about speed. LS-218 is the world’s fastest electric vehicle, the maximum speed reached 352 km, which is still the record holder. Yadi Lightning this cooperation are called together. Yadi in manufacturing so that consumers have the well-being of the product concept, layout more high-end development strategy, given the cultural significance of riding electric cars more, let the original Chinese international industry and the increasing influence and let the world know more about Chinese artisan spirit. Lightning innovative products to speed up the acceptance of electric motorcycles, convincing value and affordable products to consumers. The combination of the two, will work together to develop and promote the world’s fastest electric car. Transfer the concept of environmental protection from the beginning happy riding HARTING both in product development or production, every aspect of strict compliance with the "happiness, green, environmental protection and energy saving" concept, from every detail of products, save energy and reduce pollution, protect the environment, allows consumers to create a sense of happiness electric vehicle. This gluttonous feast in Yadi Lightning together in two will be happy through innovative product launches to the audience the most direct senses, let the green riding to lighthearted way passed to more people. At the same time, Yadi electric car as the first domestic companies listed in Hongkong, the electric FIA Formula One racing championship is an international exhibition for display China electric car industry LED technology debut. As you can see, Yadi take practical action to expand the international influence of the determination of the electric vehicle industry China.相关的主题文章: