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The participants lost luggage kind’s timely return free of charge www.h4610.com

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

The participants lost luggage kind’s timely return free of charge on September 23rd afternoon, Liao AEL067 taxi driver Hao Qiang creditthat, let Shen to attend the 2016 annual meeting of the representatives of city planning Chinese praise. On the evening of 23 19 PM, traffic service hotline received a nonlocal passenger’s phone, he called himself from the Shenyang Railway Station taxi to the Kailai Hotel, was anxious to act to forget the taxi trunk luggage, looking for a taxi driver. Traffic service hotline staff asked in detail the taxi information, through the data system to find the taxi, and the first time to get in touch with the driver. But this time, the driver Hao Qiang is anxious to find the owner. Hao Qiang told reporters, after the passengers get off, he suddenly remembered when the car did not take the trunk of the car, he quickly get off looking for passengers, but passengers have disappeared in the vast sea of people. Hao Qiang immediately reported the situation to the leadership of the company. Subsequently, Hao Qiang contacted the owner, quickly drove the luggage to passengers. This move was deeply impressed by the foreign passengers, he told Hao Qiang, this is Shen Shen from the field to participate in the annual meeting of the city planning, all things in the trunk, if lost will be very troublesome. The passengers out of cash, good brother free of charge, and repeatedly apologized to passengers, said he did not timely to remind passengers to carry valuables.相关的主题文章: