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The opening of the tenth harmonious Cup table tennis finals in Beijing viper12a

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Beijing City, the tenth session of the "harmonious Cup" table tennis finals opening – Sports – people.com.cn people.com.cn October 23 Beijing Xinhua (Zhu Kai) October 22nd, the tenth session of the Beijing city "harmonious Cup tennis match finals in Changping District stadium, by nearly half of the preliminaries, semi-finals and finals of the layers of selection, Table Tennis Master district the system takes in the finals today on their skill, style, especially according to the format, 24 teams of high level team each unit selection competition, making the competition more intense and exciting, once again set off the upsurge of national fitness activities in Beijing city. Du Deyin, director of the Standing Committee of Beijing Municipal People’s Congress, assistant director general of the State Sports General Administration, the Secretary General of the group, Liu Guoyong, Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing municipal government and other leaders attended the event and presented the award on behalf of the Secretary General of the people’s Republic of China (). Summary of awards ceremony presided over by the deputy director of the Municipal Sports Bureau Yang Haibin, director of the Municipal Sports Bureau Sun Xuecai speech, social construction office deputy director Wang Zhiling read the tenth session of the Beijing city "harmonious Cup" table tennis competitions in recognition of decision. The Olympic table tennis champion Ding Ning and world champion of table tennis competitions, Guo Yan, main bearing, the organizer, the District Bureau of sports, athletes, referees, news media, and the outstanding representative of the national model workers, people’s satisfaction with the civil service, outstanding teachers, coaches, outstanding national social sports instructors, the social capital of the most beautiful system of nearly 2000 people participated in the finals and awards ceremony. Sponsored by the Municipal Sports Bureau, social office, municipal organs, City Commission, Union City, city CDPF, social sports management center, City Association hosted the tenth session of the Beijing city "harmonious Cup tennis match in 2016 5 to October held in the city, the city’s total of 5858 teams entered the competition, a total of the game held 8412 sessions, the total number of participants reached 720 thousand people, a good social repercussions, more extensive, reflect the leading role of guiding scientific fitness and building a harmonious society and the comprehensive effect. "Harmonious Cup tennis match after ten sessions, drive the development through the project, the Organizing Committee in conjunction with the main contractor, the organizer and the district government administrative departments at all levels, strengthen coordination, give full play to the advantages of the system, to mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties, the integration of all resources, table tennis facilities well implement people-oriented construction; do the game activities of the organization and mobilization work, take effective measures, through the organization of the system, to expand public participation in scope and participation;" harmonious Cup tennis match because of the influence of the country ball, loved by the public, into the community, grass-roots level, has become a conscious action of table tennis enthusiasts, the game has become the traditional brand. Enter the normal. The "harmonious Cup" table tennis competition has played an active role in carrying forward and practicing the socialist core values, promoting neighborhood harmony, releasing positive energy, maintaining social stability and strengthening the building of a harmonious society. (commissioning editor Hao Shuai and Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: