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The nutritional value of the Fu Yuanhui field eating snake snake secret-www.k17.cc

Posted on June 4, 2018 by hanson

The nutritional value of the Fu Yuanhui field eating snake snake secret recently, "the girl" Fu Yuanhui to follow "standing on the top of the food chain with wild man Baer challenge, even during the meat and drink snake blood, make a lot of friends marvel. In fact, it is not only an important source of food in the wild, or Guangdong, Hongkong and other places people love to eat one of the wild animal, not only delicious, nutritional value is very high. Fu Yuanhui’s wild eating snake is known to the Chinese audience for "wilderness survival" by Baer Greer J appeared low-key in Aba County of Sichuan in September 19th. This time, with his peers, and "the girl" Fu Yuanhui, Robin Li, Fan Zhiyi, et al. Baer is known for standing on the top of the food chain man, his "wild snack" is often worms, ants, spiders, scorpions, bats and mice. In this field the challenge, Baer asked Fu Yuanhui to "eat", he caught a snake, will jilt dizzy after peeling meat directly…… In this process, the snake blood spattered on Fu Yuanhui’s face and mouth, afraid of Fu Yuanhui not only eat snake meat, drink snake blood. Fu Yuanhui later released micro-blog saying "eat strange things, do cool things, very good, I’m very satisfied with myself."." Reminder: the meat must be cooked while Baer and Fu Yuanhui field eat snake meat, drink snake blood looks cool, but we ordinary people must not eat this, after all, you are not "the girl", more than rafa. It must be cooked before safe to eat. To drink snake blood, eat snake is very unsanitary, must have a certain risk, can cause acute gastroenteritis and parasitic diseases. To survive in the wild, it is one of the important sources of food, can not only fill the stomach, but also rich in nutritional value. The nutritional value of the 1 snake, snake meat containing many kinds of amino acids, including glutamic acid enhance the activity of brain cells, and can relieve the fatigue of human body aspartic acid and other nutrients, is a good food of mental workers. 2, it contains rich nutrients, and cholesterol content is very low, have a certain role in the prevention and treatment of vascular sclerosis, and nourishing skin beauty, regulate the body function of The new supersedes the old. 3, it contained calcium, magnesium and other elements, is a form of fusion protein, and easier to be absorbed by human body. 4, it has strong bones and muscles, invigorating qi and blood, meridian, Qufeng addition disease; beauty, nourish the skin. The last is to remind you, the meat must be cooked!

傅园慧野外吃蛇 揭秘蛇肉的营养价值   近日,“洪荒少女”傅园慧跟随“站在食物链最顶端的男人”贝尔一起野外挑战,期间更是吃蛇肉、喝蛇血,让不少网友惊叹不已。其实,蛇肉不仅是野外生存的重要食物来源,还是广东、香港等地人最喜欢吃的野生动物之一,不仅美味,营养价值还很高。   傅园慧野外吃蛇   因《荒野求生》而被中国观众熟知的贝尔?格里尔斯于9月19日低调现身四川阿坝县。这次,与他同行的,还有“洪荒少女”傅园慧以及李彦宏、范志毅等人。贝尔被誉为站在食物链最顶端的男人,他的“荒野快餐”常是蛆虫、蚂蚁、蜘蛛、蝎子、蝙蝠、老鼠等。   在此次野外挑战中,贝尔请傅园慧“吃饭”,他抓来一条蛇,将其甩晕后,直接扒皮吃肉……在这个过程中,蛇血还溅到了傅园慧脸上和嘴里,害怕的傅园慧不仅吃了蛇肉,还喝了蛇血。傅园慧后来发布微博称“吃了奇怪的东西,做了很酷的事,很好,我对自己很满意。”   提醒:吃蛇肉一定要熟透   虽然贝尔和傅园慧野外吃生蛇肉,喝蛇血看上去很酷,但我们平常人切不可这样吃,毕竟你不是“洪荒少女”,更不是贝爷。蛇肉一定要熟透才可以安全食用。生饮蛇血、生吞蛇胆是非常不卫生,肯定有一定的危险性,可引起急性胃肠炎和寄生虫病。   在野外生存中,蛇肉是非常重要的食物来源之一,不仅可以填饱肚子,而且营养价值丰富。   蛇肉的营养价值   1、蛇肉含人体必需的多种氨基酸,其中有增强脑细胞活力的谷氨酸,还有能够解除人体疲劳的天门冬氨酸等营养成分,是脑力劳动者的良好食物。   2、蛇肉含有丰富的营养成分,而胆固醇含量很低,对防治血管硬化有一定的作用,同时有滋肤养颜、调节人体新陈代谢的功能。   3、蛇肉中所含有的钙、镁等元素,是以蛋白质融合形式存在的,因而更便于人体吸收利用。   4、蛇肉具有补气血,强筋骨、通经络、祛风除疾;美容养颜,滋养肌肤的功效。   最后还是要提醒大家,吃蛇肉一定要煮熟透哦!相关的主题文章: