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The net income growth this year sponsored the total revenue of about $178 million in new network www.avtt.net

Posted on November 14, 2017 by hanson

The net income growth this year sponsored the total revenue of about $178 million in new network reporter Wang Xiaoxiao tonight, 2016 Chinese tennis tournament will be ended. As Asia’s highest level, the most influential comprehensive tennis tournament, this year has gone through 13 years of the net is not only more exciting, lively, and every year can make money, make money. Yesterday, the Organizing Committee announced the preliminary estimate of the tournament overall operation situation: "the net direct income last year will have a certain growth, initially expected to increase by about 3%, the total income of about 178 million yuan, the profit is better than the last." Sponsorship income growth is one of the important sources of income for large sports competitions. Preliminary estimates, although the current network of a platinum sponsor of vacant seats, but the income in the last year at a high level on the basis of, still maintained a growth momentum. Last year, the net for the first time in the full business development main sponsor, various partners reached number 43 all-time high. This year, the net to determine the main sponsor of the 1 squad chief sponsor, 3 diamond sponsor, 7 platinum sponsors before the game, also attracted 10 exclusive partners, 23 suppliers, and 3 exclusive Associated Media and 1 ticketing platform for the promotion of partners, a total of 48 partners. Under the auspices of standards, the current network of partners for sponsorship amount the same as last year. The chief sponsors threshold for 30 million yuan, diamond and platinum sponsor of the threshold was 15 million yuan and 8 million yuan, exclusive partners and suppliers in addition to provide corresponding services, but also need to provide their own minimum 3 million yuan and 800 thousand yuan sponsorship fee. Than the sponsorship amount growth is even more gratifying is that many high level events and sponsors have established stable cooperative relations, such as the chief sponsor of Beijing Benz, diamond sponsor of CITIC Bank is the tenth consecutive year and net work. In this regard, the tournament director Zhang Junhui said, stable and high quality is the cornerstone of the development of sports sponsorship, sponsorship "brand is not the more the better, the more the better is not money. The quality of network of sponsors is very high at present, and the event itself is also very fit." At the same time, he also said that when the sponsor is relatively stable, the total amount of increase will not be too large, it just shows the stability of the project." The audience does not fall or rise in addition to the sponsor, the audience is also a major sports events, the king". This network by Lianriyinyu affected the flow of visitors declined. However, the audience did not fall in the field of consumption rose, customer price grew by 7%, indicating that the event to create holiday leisure consumption based on the gradual strengthening of the industry. In 2015, the audience reached 244 thousand people. This year, affected by the weather, as of October 7th, the event total audience traffic was 190 thousand passengers, compared with the same period last year fell by about 5%. From the ticket inspection situation, with the roof of the diamond stadium traffic is mainly undulating, lotus stadium and field competition is greatly affected. Accordingly, although the attendance number of semi finals and finals of the audience more"相关的主题文章: