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The master of Buddhism Buddhism is also called the psychology of Liberation pullip

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Economic group master: Buddhism can also be called the liberation of psychological Buddhism can also be called the liberation of the psychology of the economic group of Buddhist master of psychological induction, there are three parts. The first is the general psychology, that is, general psychology will be referred to the general psychology. In color by intending to know ", contains three kinds of general psychology. By emotion, there are bitter, happy, sorrow, joy, give up five kinds. Thinking is thinking, belongs to the category of rational cognition. The will is the will, is ready to act after. In addition, only said as Italy, touch, and want to think of, also called five times, also belong to the times all the time, all the ordinary mind. Second is not good psychology, Buddhism called trouble, that disturb the power of the heart. Among them, all troubles have greed, hatred and ignorance, doubt, slow, evil see six. With the fundamental trouble with trouble has twenty kinds, including anger, hatred and other ten kinds of small with no trouble, shame, worthy of two with annoyance, restlessness, and eight with big trouble. Our hearts would be clean and free of joy and annoyance, but after the invasion, will anchaoxiongyong, no peace. Third is a good mental state, and the corresponding psychological relief, such as Jie dinghui. Among them, the wisdom of the fundamental, that is, the correct understanding of the world and life. With this understanding, and convinced that it is the Buddha said, this is a precondition of mindfulness. In recent years, western psychology attaches great importance to mindfulness, and has applied to all aspects of psychological treatment, education, medical etc.. The psychology of mindfulness, such as how hard, how to operate, often biased technical level. Of course, this is an aligning technology, but this technology cannot do without it. In the eight way, must take the right view as mindfulness based on healthy life basis. If you do not pay attention to see assisted guidance and healthy living, mindfulness will become isolated, even can be used together, also have little effect, can not play its due role. Understand the different state of mind, the purpose is to break away from trouble, achievement liberation. So from the point of view, Buddhism can also be called the psychology of liberation.相关的主题文章: