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The Gambling company was winless! For the Orangemen off flat Uzi ambush pen g227

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Winless?! actually Gambling company for the Orangemen guest flat Uzi ambush pen Orangemen arrived in Beijing Uzbekistan actively preparing for the evening of October 11th 21:00, China national team will challenge twelve finals and a strong Uzbekistan team on the road. The latest world rankings, Uzbekistan ranked forty-ninth in the world, only behind the South Korean team of the 2, is the highest ranked team in this group of third. Judging from the latest odds of the Gambling company to open the score, the country wants to go to war in the Central Asian wolf scored three points is not easy. [font! Intelligent prediction model of foot, foot in the battle of life and death wish good luck 50 percent off] VS foot score in Uzbekistan recharge according to Gambling company 188BET out of the odds score odds, Uzbekistan’s 1-0 victory over the lowest odds of 1 / 5.3. And after the war between China and South Korea and the war in Iraq, the odds of the lowest scores were 1 loss of 6, which shows the confidence of the odds of the Gambling company significantly enhanced. But at the same score compared the odds of South Korea, in addition to 1-0 than the rest of the odds were found, the score was significantly increased, while the flat compensate is suppressed. Considering the Orangemen 12 battle lost 2-3 in Korea, this is the underdog expedition, perhaps this is for the country foot harvest draw foreshadowing. Uzbekistan VS Chinese battle record race time score results home court Asian Cup 2015.01 wins 2013.06 Chinese neutral 2-1 friendly 1-2 1-0 2011.06 Chinese negative friendlies wins the Asian Cup 2011.01 neutral 2-2 flat Asian Cup 2007.07 neutral negative 0-3 friendly win 3-1 2007.03 neutral real Asia 2001.10 Uzbekistan 1-0 negative real Asia 2001.09 China 2-0 won the Asian Cup 1996.12 neutral negative 0-2 the Asian Games 1994.10 neutral 2-4 negative small negative Peace Bureau odds tendency even if it is difficult to satisfactory, but we review the historical record there is reason for optimism. Since the independence of Uzbekistan, the Chinese team to play with it 10 times, the national team of 4 wins, 1 draws and 5 losses. During the race, Chinese team wins more negative, but the recent 1 contest against still smarting: the 2015 Asian Cup group phase second, China team with Wu Xi and sun’s goal, 2-1 reversed the Uzi ahead of a qualifying group. National foot now retains the main lineup of the Asian Cup, the overall strength is not inferior to the opponent. I believe that as long as the spirit of the time to fight, this is also worth looking forward to. 3 after the war the country foot has lagged behind Iran and South Korea won 6 points, a draw is an utterly inadequate measure. The 12 race without struggling, hope the Orangemen also don’t put a low profile at a location to improperly belittle oneself, the biggest rival. Help, help, fighting has unlimited potential! (good school)相关的主题文章: