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The four masterpiece for children reading children speak also improve classical storytelling – Cultu-roxane hayward

Posted on April 18, 2018 by hanson

The four masterpiece suitable for children to read? Children speak also improve classical storytelling – Culture – people.com.cn original title: Children’s storytelling about classical also improve Jiaqing to children "little storytellers Hello friends, thank you for your attention to children’s storytelling. Today, Jiaqing uncle will tell you a story, the name of "home"……" This young man is a storyteller, called Zhang Jiaqing. Wearing a red gown Jiaqing, articulate, enunciate, left and right folding x-wood, sat in the middle of the table folded into a square shaped white handkerchief. As a professional storytelling artist, his face is no longer the old audience sitting in the teahouse, but lively children. At the end of September, North University pointed out that the four great classical masterpiece is not suitable for children to read, "Three Kingdoms", "Water Margin" intrigues, prone to raid homes and plunder houses "Red Mansions" temptation, "journey" involves too much religion. The scholar said: "classic is an adult classic, not a child’s classic." Every day to tell the children the classic masterpiece of Jiaqing do not think so: "four masterpiece does have some details not suitable for children, but we can not unworthy, to its dregs its essence is not it?" In his view, easy to understand, vivid and interesting children’s storytelling is a useful attempt. Four filtering allows easy to understand and absorb the children in the masterpiece is not long storytelling in general, about 10 minutes, the content of the story, will involve four masterpiece, there are also other literary classics. "The children in the end for what to read, I’m afraid that different people have different views. Children are not suitable for reading the four famous words, in the end what is right? Green’s fairy tale is not suitable? In fact, the original version of "Snow White", there are some very bloody details of cruelty. However, when we introduce, delete these details, the children read no problem." Jiaqing in "journey to the west" as an example, "when we watch TV, feel particularly good, look at dozens of times no problem." But in fact, the original Sun Wukong goblin played very scary split." In fact, our children are exposed to the comic books, television, animation and so on, already filtered, these details are not suitable for early sight." Jiaqing usually said children storytelling, most often say is "journey to the west", "the children love the story of Sun Wukong pig, too familiar, easy to absorb." A good heart of compassion, and the monk Sun Wukong positive, pig humor, no honest, are more suitable for children to listen to. "Then, occasionally, some of the Three Kingdoms and the water margin. Is this Wu Song choose some tiger fragments, no one speak to the children of Ximen Qing and Pan Jinlian." Jiaqing said, children’s storytelling does not involve "a dream of Red Mansions", after all, the child can not understand the love story. "I think if Wu Song tiger story can’t say, is not the child care too. When we say ‘don’t go out at night, grandma ah, go out a wolf, eat you, "is not appropriate?" Jiaqing think, now parents are a child in the classic masterpiece monasteries, gradually)相关的主题文章: