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The divorce compensation failed repeatedly bombarded confused woman want to jump off a building brock lesnar

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

The divorce compensation failed repeatedly bombarded confused woman want to commit suicide by jumping from the Yangzi Evening News Network October 31st news (reporter correspondent Zhu Mingyu Wang Guozhu Zhanjing) after the divorce, the man promised compensation not yet in place, a woman confused actually choose to jump off a building. October 30th at noon, Jingjiang city police station received some people want to jump in the area of a roof. Police is a command, the organization immediately organized personnel to rescue. The scene, a woman standing in six on the roof of the railing, don’t stop crying. The woman cries attracted residents in the vicinity of the crowd, a fire brigade personnel rushed to the rescue scene, to distract her rescuers in repeated persuasion at the same time, has been quietly paved cushion. The police officers to capture fighters, decisive attack, a vigorous rushed to firmly grasp the female hand from the rear, thus successfully rescued. It is understood that the woman want to commit suicide, a stranger, a few years ago introduced by fellow city to marry, married and has one son, not because of the feelings of two people, in 2014 by the court for divorce, child custody by the man, the man does not require the payment of alimony, and voluntary payment of fifty thousand yuan compensation to the woman. This man only pays the woman ten thousand yuan, the woman repeatedly bombarded by failed, on the spur of the moment.相关的主题文章: