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The daughter of the Jacky Wu Liu Yiwei served as jury hot Auditions winavi

Posted on November 19, 2017 by hanson

"The daughter of the" hot Jacky Wu Liu Yiwei Ren audition judges Sina entertainment news "station ·" the daughter of the recently exposed show promo, circle well-known host Jacky Wu, Liu Yiwei, Xu Nailin, Peng Yu, Zhao Yingjun will serve as the program division and final review. From September 15th to September 17th "station ·" daughter of the country Beijing division is opened zhanmu. It is reported that the Beijing division registration "station ·" the daughter of the audition players is more than 10000, who live in the network popularity of the top 1000 players can get the "national daughter card", and won the national custom daughter badge, directly into the group to participate in the "journey to the West:" the daughter of the shooting the first step to achieve the dream of the movie. The finals by the Beijing division, Shanghai division, Chengdu division, Guangzhou division Caimao, IQ and EQ multiple test players will qualify for the finals on November, and the seven winners will directly get the movie "journey to the West:" the daughter of the country seven important role chance. Thousands of people to participate in the final film in the end who will stand out in the 1000 beauties? Who has the opportunity to act in the movie "journey to the West: the daughter country" seven important roles? Who will William Feng and Xiao Shenyang, with Taiwan Biao play? The next stop · daughter country, the country’s first shadow entertainment linkage network variety show will be broadcast live on multiple platforms. "Station ·" daughter of the country is the first file for the audition variety show live movie global election of thousands of actors of the network, by the hundred years of pictures and other pictures filmko teamed up together to create. "Station ·" daughter of the country the first to try the new gameplay variety + live + film ", this new attempt not only provides a new form for movies, but also extended the variety show influence, its prospects and market worth looking forward to. (commissioning editor: litchi)相关的主题文章: