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The baby is still dig earwax Be careful to damage your baby’s hearing! Sohu –war3.replays.net

Posted on April 18, 2018 by hanson

The baby is still dig earwax? Be careful to damage your baby’s hearing! Sohu – we all know that good hearing is a baby to master the language, the necessary prerequisite for this skill, if hearing impaired, it will affect the baby’s life. September 25th is the international day of the deaf, in this special day, I will talk about the Kangaroo: how to protect the child’s hearing. Improper parental care is also the cause of deafness caused by hearing disorders in children there are many reasons, in addition to genetic, disease factors, improper parental care can also make the baby’s hearing impaired. 1, dig a lot of parents do not have the habit of giving the baby out of the ear, but you know? In most cases, earwax is not dig, it is beneficial to protect the baby’s hearing, and it can be with the head and mouth Zhang and shake off on their own. The reason why people can hear different sounds, is through a variety of sound in the ear, the eardrum vibrate to achieve. But earwax can prevent dust and insects from entering the ear, the ear canal and tympanic membrane play a protective role. At the same time, might also both "muffler" role, it can weaken the impact of super sonic, such as thunder, explosion, protection against injury of tympanic membrane. In addition, the wax has some greasy. If the baby in the bath process, accidentally get water into the ear, it can also play a "thin" role, to prevent the dirty water invasion, thereby reducing the risk of infectious diseases such as otitis media. See here, you may ask, "if the baby did not too much. What effect?" Of course not! If the excessive accumulation of earwax, even with the ear canal and can not be discharged, it also brings negative effects, such as prevent hearing, caused by incomplete deafness and tinnitus induced by infection. How to deal with this situation? You can use baking soda solution, every 2~3 hours 1 drops in the ear, 3~4 times a day, for 1~2 days after the earwax is tender, please to the hospital ENT physician ear flushing or help out. Kangaroo mom remind mom, don’t give the baby at home to dig earwax, otherwise it is easy to damage the ear canal, causing otitis externa or furuncle. If one is not careful, there may be "tympanic membrane perforation", so that the baby’s hearing impaired. 2, let the baby lying milk to the baby during feeding, if the mother does not pay attention to posture and body posture, for example, let the baby lying down to drink milk, also may damage the child’s hearing. The body has a structure called the eustachian tube, which is communicated with the middle ear cavity and throat channel. But in the early stages, the eustachian tube is relatively flat, and the lumen is wide and short. If the mother let the baby lying in case of cough, milk, milk easily through the eustachian tube into the middle ear choke caused by otitis media and otitis media is one of the main causes of damage the baby’s hearing. Therefore, the best mother sitting in the nursing baby, support the baby’s head with one hand on the inside of the arm, the other hand on the breast areola. Like this: after feeding the milk to the baby, let the baby body erect, head on her shoulders, pat and stroked the back to help the baby to play.相关的主题文章: