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The 25+10 was the key moment in the face of a Savior was wrong-stellarium

Posted on April 17, 2018 by hanson

The 25+10 was the key moment in the face of a savior has errors of CBA Highlights – Yi Jianlian 24 Josh 41+19 Guangdong 100-93 Yi Jianlian Sichuan with paratelum outbreak, Guangdong home court against Sichuan and Hadadi Gaokaidizou performance could not help the team win, although the data with Yi Jianlian hard to compete, but apparently Hadadi did not like his old rival like Yi Jianlian, to become the savior. Prior to the game, Hadadi continued a good season last season, Ben Di Di season averaged 21.3 points and 15.7 rebounds, the last 2 games, a total of 34 points and 23 rebounds, a score of 21 points, the state of hot. And the game his opponent Yi Jianlian Yi Jianlian this season games are not resigned to playing second fiddle, 24.3 points and 5.5 rebounds, scored on a war to break 8000 points, the recent good state. In fact, whether the Asian Games or CBA game, and Hadadi is a bit of a large part of the game, this season lost magical halo in the defending champion Sichuan team, the Guangdong team no longer dominate the situation, Hadadi and Yi Jianlian battle seems to be the biggest surprise of the war. In this game, the moment Hadadi and Yi Jianlian’s conversation from the start of the match began, two people completed for the ball, Yi Jianlian led the Guangdong team advanced attack, Yi Jianlian low shot is not in the post, Hadadi quickly got a rebound, then Yi Jianlian was forced to break caused by foul, kazakhstan. Hadadi in the opening did not quickly find the handle, and there is a mistake, but in the Yi Jianlian low shot hit? After Hadadi was forced to a basket color first. Hadadi then found the handle, another score, and prevent a jump shot after the win boss. It can be said from the start point of view, Hadadi was replaced before the end of the confrontation with the Arab League is in the upper hand. The second section is to Hadadi caused Boozer foul thugs, and two free throws for my Sichuan team ahead score. Then Hadadi and Boozer firmly hit singles, turnaround jumper. The first half, Hadadi scored 15 points and 6 rebounds, compared with Yi Jianlian only 5 points 4 rebounds. The second half Hadadi continued his hot state, in the process of foreign investment and has repeatedly sent assists, Hadadi Yi Jianlian in the middle of the third quarter of positive defense, saw the sudden turn after the Dission hada single hand dunks score, a sketch Hadadi elbow moves, but the referee ignored. But at the crucial moment of the match, Hadadi’s hand fell, and consecutive errors, a face to the defense of Yi Jianlian was walking, and Yi Jianlian was suddenly broke out, has helped the Guangdong team win, Hadadi and Yi Jianlian, in scoring two people to be roughly the same though, apparently Yi Jianlian at the critical moment of the outbreak of the team more help. (victory)相关的主题文章: