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Tang Shiping will the world of globalization face an extreme future mmhouse

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Tang Shiping: will the world of globalization face an extreme future? Abstract: the spread of the current thinking is very fast, with the advent of the Internet era, the spread of the thought of the cost is almost 0, the cost is low as long as there is a mobile phone can be solved. The author: Tang Shiping (Professor of Fudan University) [Abstract] this paper is Professor Tang Shiping on the evening of October 20th, the Tencent will enjoy thinking · strategic forum 003 period on the theme of the speech, when the election results have not yet released. The first part of this article is the keynote speech. The topic I am talking about today is the world of globalization, but the core of the debate is the politics of globalization. Politics is now becoming a "global politics", not just a relationship between countries, often called "international politics"". Tang Shiping in the strategic forum 003 stage I think a lot of discussion about globalization had in fact are only discussed in two aspects: the first aspect is the economic globalization, the globalization of goods, production or capital, for example, the most typical is Freedman said: "the world is flat". But I think the real key is two aspects, one is from economy to politics, the other is from politics to economy. The second level may be highlighted because of the refugee crisis – the globalization of human beings is the interaction between the immigrants. This is actually a part of globalization, there is no big sailing, there is no flight time, we will not be as easy as now and foreign people. The next third levels are the globalization of ideas. Now the spread of thought is very fast, with the advent of the Internet era, the spread of the thought of the cost is almost 0, the cost is low as long as there is a mobile phone can be solved. The other one, because the spread of ideas of globalization, making some people and some people’s behavior has become globalized, such as everyone knows the "Color Revolution" and so on, you can think of this kind of phenomenon is a kind of political struggle in a region and even within the global scale rapidly spread. Monck’s painting "cry" (local) economic globalization, globalization of human beings, the globalization of ideas, will eventually show the global political globalization. Here we show the global politics through several aspects. First, the future of extreme Islam is a matter of common concern between the West and the east. Some people think that it may continue, or even win some kind of victory. Some people think that this is a long-term struggle, but there may be a long time there will be no victory or defeat. Before we can come to the conclusion of Jerusalem, we must first understand the formation of the modern world. Understanding of the formation of the modern world can be understood from 6 very important influence or shape of the modern world revolution: the earliest British "Glorious Revolution", the American War of independence and the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, Chinese revolution and the revolution in Iran. We note that each five revolution which is in embracing the modern world, the aim of the revolution is to put this ethnic group into a modern nation, the modernization of the core idea is using rational glory to shine before covered by traditional or religious field. In the past, no matter how bloody or cruel.相关的主题文章: