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Support the development of football and football lottery play not only in the intersection of Sohu www.k8k8.com

Posted on November 19, 2017 by hanson

With the development of football lottery support not only in the intersection of football lottery play – Sohu "lottery" and "football" two words together tightly. The football game to surprise bonus to the lottery friends, also increased the interest of fans watching the game. In fact, not only in the intersection of lottery and football play". In addition, the "face" to support the development of football lottery, has been in action. Support the development of campus football in March this year, the Guangdong lottery in support of the 2016 "U interactive I love football Guangdong Futsal tournament officially launched. This year’s event to the campus football recess as the theme, help the development of campus football. Last year "China football reform overall plan" clearly put forward to promote the reform of the campus football development, popularization and development of society play football, football education function of the campus football football as the expansion of population size, promote their healthy growth of foundation engineering. Primary and secondary schools around the football teaching content, plus the proportion of college. U interactive Futsal tournament was founded in 2014, is the most extensive coverage in Guangdong Province, the largest, most of the participants in the amateur Futsal tournament. 2015 U interactive Futsal team for the first time to set up a group of children, in Guangdong province has made a big response, causing the school, parents and small players who are widely concerned. On this basis, the 2016 "U interactive I love football and Futsal tournament to further improve the system, with 15 under the age of youth group, to provide a broader stage show for young players, to promote the rapid development of the campus football. In 2016 the event with the adult group (18 years old) and young group (15 years old) and children group (13 years old) three groups, Maoming, Shantou, Zhuhai, Huizhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Guangzhou seven division, competing in the 19 city, is expected to have 60 thousand players. Football donated hope primary school in Anhui province in June 15th, the first "football lottery hope school" in Hefei city Luyang District Yang Yuejin primary school. Anhui hope project office and the Provincial Sports Lottery Management Center for Yuejin primary school donated 300 thousand yuan, the establishment of the Luyang District of Hefei City, Anhui Ticai big Yang football hope primary school. "I hope the school football lottery" opening, the implementation of the State Sports General Administration, the Ministry of education "notice" on the national youth campus football activities in the spirit, let football become students mental and physical pleasure, campus sports fitness, skills, wisdom, promote solidarity. It is understood that Yuejin primary school is a school for the children of migrant workers, the school according to their own characteristics, through the investigation, with football as the school characteristics. After years of efforts, the football team won in the provinces of Yuejin primary school campus Football League football success, and for the development of traditional sports school only township schools in Anhui Province, cultivate a large number of football "seed". The development of outstanding football talent in the "China’s overall program of football reform," forty-first, "increase the lottery to support the development of football. The annual concentration of lottery public welfare funds from the central.相关的主题文章: