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Summer sweetheart exposes Zhang Shaogang back and Li Weijia for ten years. Sohu – Entertainment www.555kfc.com

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

"Summer sweetheart" exposes Zhang Shaogang back and Li Weijia for ten years. The Sohu   entertainment; Zhang Shaogang, "summer sweetheart" Sohu of Hunan satellite TV entertainment news "summer sweetheart" into the mystery guest x+, Zhao Zhongxiang, Jacky Wu, Chen Xuedong, Yi Xi smelt one thousand large coffee have appeared, for interactive games in the field with honey at the same time, a variety of host entertaining knowledge diffusion, users get wide acclaim, and this week the program, has a "sharp Mingzui" said Zhang Shaogang stunning debut, opened a funny upgrade for the open class variety sweeties. "Sharp Oprah Zhang Shaogang back and opened the" sweetheart, character is severely sharing ", the language features of sharp taste, with rich experience over rapidly in China, let Zhang Shaogang over to become a unique" Mingzui chair ", and will be held this Saturday at ten pm on screen the" summer "., also ushered in the signing of Zhang Shaogang, when included in a color value, talent’s brother, in sharp humor Zhang Shaogang, will wipe out what kind of spark? As everyone knows, in addition to the "Oprah Zhang Shaogang presided over the" identity, or master of Communication University of China, the teacher and the identity of the host set in one of him, whether in knowledge or experience is chaired have absolute right to speak, but for various reasons, I have presided over more than a year he will this week in the "summer sweetheart" stage again, the identity of the host, to have "variety anchor dream sweetheart who share their words and deeds, engaged in the industry for many years hosted summed up the experience and knowledge. Zhang Shaogang while frighten the audience, and exposes Li Weijia for ten years. "Said very much looking forward to summer" sweetheart "stage" of Zhang Shaogang, a play to full brother surprise, in addition to outside Hong Ruzhong with aura sound, always sharp words to him, in order to fit the program "comprehensive mining sweetheart variety potential" purpose, Zhang Shaogang to do variety first to have a good mentality "on the grounds, actually did not care about the initiative leads to" netizen opinion "topic, let brother and were surprised. When Zhang Shaogang issued a series of similar to how to face the attack?" How to adjust the pressure?" So when in doubt, honey and brother are quite active in the topic, saying "everyone has the possibility of being black, and also make action and echo, and when we have to share the" black experience ", Zhang Shaogang did not play by the rules, the phrase" I and Li Weijia for ten years grudge "stunned the audience, as the parties Li Weijia is a face Meng circle, only shouted" what have I done to you, "Zhang Shaogang Li Weijia ten years ago in the end node under the" more "what? More exciting content, please lock the ten points Saturday night, by the Hunan TV Premiere of "summer"!相关的主题文章: