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Posted on June 4, 2018 by hanson

Exposure of Suning senior program lead the club to let Airlines Brazil striker – Sohu sports yesterday, Jiangsu Suning Football Club officially announced that Ukraine and Donetsk miners, 26 year old Brazil midfield player Teixeira signed for 4 years, for a fee of 50 million euros (about 367 million yuan). A transfer fee of 50 million euros, once again set a China occupation football history the most expensive signings record, Teixeira has become the international transfer of the winter window period "s". Suning is so awesome, no wonder the fans excited: the introduction of Teixeira, a special thanks to Suning! Modern Express reporter Wang Wei two days ago, Guangzhou Hengda just for 42 million euros to sign Atletico Madrid striker Martinez, but this "record" is just to maintain two days to be refreshed. This is also the transfer window in the "s" fourth easy to master, Hengda striker aierkesen 18 million 500 thousand euros after transfer to Shanghai port at the end of January, Suning 28 million euros to sign Ramirez. The 26 year old Texielasi vocational playmaker, is a strong attacking midfielder. Yesterday, Suning in the official propaganda so commented: "she joined, will serve as an important part of the new season tactical system, further enrich the team’s offensive system, greatly enhanced his frontcourt attack ability. The personal dribbling technique, ball, extraordinary speed, continuous out ability are excellent. He can play in front of any position, in addition to the attack, he also can play winger, excellent end line and coordinate consciousness will let him become the new season in front of another fulcrum. It enriches the whole team tactics, the team in the face of a different opponent, can make corresponding changes, there are more options in attack. We believe that the Teixeira European super players, the team’s overall strength will be greatly improved, and more opportunities in the super AFC Champions League stadium for the Jiangsu and the fans dedicate more exciting game!" It is worth mentioning that, before joining the Su Ning, Teixeira and the Premier League giants Liverpool have had "gossip", but Liverpool 24 million 500 thousand pounds (about 32 million euros) quoted by miners refused. According to foreign media reports, miners asked 38 million pounds (about 49 million euros) to Liverpool, the two sides did not talk about. Finally, Suning snatched the Brazil demon from Liverpool in the price of 50 million euros. It is reported that Teixeira has completed the physical examination, will arrive in Nanjing recently to join with the team, preparing for the upcoming AFC Champions league. Yesterday, Suning Club executives said in an interview, after the introduction of Teixeira, and will not stop the pace of signings, Suning also plans to introduce a practical foreign aid striker, complete the club ‘debut season’ foreign aid puzzle". According to Brazil media reports, Suning is aiming at another Brazil striker, who once played for Manchester city. In addition to the introduction of foreign aid work, Suning Neiyuan also have action, an insider told reporters, "from Hangzhou Greentown Olympic teenager Xie Pengfei will join Suning, Suning, Greentown, Xie Pengfei three party talks has been successfully completed, only to be signed, after a medical examination, xuan..

曝苏宁高层计划引巴西前锋 俱乐部表态拒放任航-搜狐体育  昨天,江苏苏宁足球俱乐部官方宣布,与乌克兰顿涅茨克矿工中场、26岁的巴西球员特谢拉签约4年,转会费为5000万欧元(约合3.67亿元人民币)。   5000万欧元的转会费,再度刷新了中国职业足球历史最贵引援纪录,特谢拉也成为这个冬窗期国际转会的“标王”。苏宁如此给力,难怪球迷兴奋不已:引进特谢拉,特别谢谢苏宁啦!   现代快报记者 王卫   两天前,广州恒大刚刚以4200万欧元的价格签下马竞前锋马丁内斯,但这个“纪录”仅仅保持了两天就被刷新。同时这也是这个转会窗口内中超“标王”第四次易主,此前恒大前锋埃尔克森1850万欧元转会上海上港,1月底苏宁2800万欧元签下拉米雷斯。   26岁的特谢拉司职前腰,是一名攻击力极强的中场球员。昨天,苏宁在官宣中如此评价道:“特谢拉加盟后,将作为新赛季战术体系中的重要一份子,进一步丰富球队的进攻体系,极大加强球队前场的攻击能力。其个人盘带技术、球感、过人速率、连续摆脱能力均属上乘。他可以胜任前场任意位置,除了进攻组织,他还可以司职边锋,出色的下底传中和策应意识将让他成为新赛季中前场另一个支点。这丰富了球队的整体战术打法,使得球队在面对不同对手时,能作出相应的变阵,在进攻上有更多的选择。我们相信,有了特谢拉这样欧洲超一流球员的加盟,球队的整体实力会得到极大提升,更有机会在中超和亚冠赛场上为江苏和全国球迷奉献出更多的精彩比赛!”   值得一提的是,在加盟苏宁之前,特谢拉还和英超劲旅利物浦有过“绯闻”,不过利物浦2450万英镑(约合3200万欧元)的报价被矿工拒绝。据外媒报道,矿工向利物浦索要3800万英镑(约合4900万欧元),双方没有谈拢。最终苏宁以5000万欧元的价格从利物浦手中抢下了这个巴西妖星。据悉,特谢拉已完成体检,将于近日抵达南京与球队会合,备战即将开始的亚冠联赛。   昨天,苏宁俱乐部高层在接受媒体采访时表示,引进特谢拉后,引援脚步并不会停止,“苏宁还计划引入一名实用型外援前锋,完成俱乐部‘处子赛季’的外援拼图”。据巴西媒体报道,苏宁的目标是另一位巴西前锋――曾效力于曼城的若。   除了重视外援引进工作之外,苏宁在内援上也有动作,一位知情人士告诉记者,“来自杭州绿城的国奥小将谢鹏飞即将加盟苏宁,目前苏宁、绿城、谢鹏飞三方谈判已经顺利完成,只待签约、体检之后官宣。”另外,苏宁还表态,不会放走阵中国脚任航,尽管目前有中超俱乐部为引进任航开出的转会费价格高达1亿人民币左右。相关的主题文章: