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Steamed egg soup maternal nutrition supplement baby choice – Sohu disise.com

Posted on November 19, 2017 by hanson

Steamed egg soup: baby nutrition food choice – Sohu [laughs] this one mother every two days I go out, my girlfriend at home happily with friends video chat, I come back soon to turn off the computer. Last night, I think about it, I think it is very terrible, she wants to go on like this, electricity really can not afford. [text] since you can to add baby foods, I think many parents always worry about the children to eat what, egg soup may be a lot of parents preferred, both nutritious and easy to feed, but how can he steamed out of a bowl of delicious and good egg soup, today, a good baby small to introduce a method to test, taste good! Ingredients: egg amount, amount of sesame oil, salt amount: 1, beat the egg into the egg, the best use of cold boiling water 2, add the egg bowl two times (or half an egg shell to measure) and a small amount of salt in a bowl, beat 3 there will be a good egg foam, foam will discard or escape to filter out 4 covered with a layer of plastic wrap, wrap tie a few holes with a toothpick. 5 sit after the water to boil water, steam for ten minutes after the egg out of the pot after pot 6 drops two drops of sesame oil tips: baby food is best to light, don’t add too much seasoning. More and better parenting knowledge, welcome to pay attention to the home has a good baby (WeChat public number: familybabys). Your assessment is the power of our update, your criticism will guide us to accept, sincerely look forward to your evaluation!相关的主题文章: