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Special commodity prices more than 77% off for the shrinkage of smuggled goods mia farrow

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

"Special" commodity prices more than 77% off for the shrinkage of smuggled goods seeing "double 11" is coming, the electronic business platform will continue to release the big move, some need to pay a deposit for the special offer goods, even the price of only 77% off. However, this kind of goods and some say small, write "for business". Especially the supply of electricity supplier commodity prices although cheap, but secretly steal quality. Special power supplier goods, quality pumping a reporter in a shop specializing in the sale of high-end underwear to see, in the double 11 period, the entire store goods sold 70 percent off. This shop sells boutique underwear brand, there are also a number of stores in the mall. However, the store does not discount the store, and some just participate in the mall unified activities, promotional efforts far less than the shop. Located in Taiyuan street, a shopping mall sales staff said, do not look like the brand, almost the same style, in fact, different quality, or electricity supplier can not sell so cheap. Reporter careful comparison, it was found that the same cashmere thermal underwear, store sales volume is 70%, while the shop is only about. The shop staff explained that this is designed for the network, it will hit 70 percent off, and the store is not exactly the same. In addition, daily necessities, household appliances and other categories, whether large or small brand brand, manufacturers will be in accordance with the requirements of electricity price, especially for the production of goods. According to the price of the order, the reporter saw similar looking in household appliances category some online shopping platform sales, air conditioning, washing machine, color TV, refrigerator, etc. large appliances, "double 11" during the price is on the basis of existing price, straight down hundreds of yuan. In the market of household appliances such fierce competition, single child appliance gross profit have hundreds of yuan, the businesses are sold at a loss? When consumers want to carefully compare the specific price of goods online and offline, but found that online sales of the product model, in the store can not find. Insiders said that the magnitude of these discounts is particularly large, most of the electricity supplier platform customized. From the outside, the appearance is almost the same, but the proportion of the profits of manufacturers is relatively fixed. Electricity supplier out of the purchase price, the manufacturers will make an article on the material, the use of a number of low-level components, the price will be able to save a few hundred dollars. However, the product function of propaganda, this kind of special goods and other goods are the same, and consumers from the appearance without any flaw. Quality is not the same, the price of goods online, only the description of the text, it is not good to judge the quality. Out of paper Zhang, who bought the shop for the 3 paper drawing as a bag, each bag price of only 5.9 yuan, while in some large supermarkets, special offer at the time, also sold 12.8 yuan. See the price of cheap more than half, Ms. Zhang suddenly bought a box. The results to the use of only to find that the paper is not only rough, but also thin, although each is also 100 pumping, but only one of the top two paper pumping shop sales. Ms. Zhang said that the brand of paper pumping, in the market there is no low-grade goods sales. She suspected to buy a fake, brand to call customer service, customer service told her some paper for shop, quality is not the same. Insiders explained that although the shop can save some fees相关的主题文章: