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Posted on June 17, 2018 by hanson

Games Most agree that Assassin’s Creed series rose considerably from the first to the second game. With such a curve from Ubisoft Montreal, it might be allowed to expect that any major new Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Once again we take upon us the shoes of assassin Ezio Audi Tore, this time in beautiful Roma anno 1503. The developers promise that the Brotherhood is a game with real meat on the bones. "This is a full sequel to Assassin’s Creed II. Brotherhood begins exactly where the previous game ended, and we get answers to many unanswered questions. Only single-player portion alone is around 15 hours, "said board designer Gaelec Simard. Gigantic Rome What we saw of the city was nothing short of magnificent. I have been in Rome, and immediately recognized the many landmarks. The focus on detail has undoubtedly been a large, clean architecture has not made any .promises. "Rome is the largest city we’ve ever built with this graphics engine. It is, for example, three times as large as Florence in Assassin’s Creed II, "says a proud Simard. At the beginning of our demo’s Ezio at the top of a roof, almost posing. A guard on horseback ride far down there. Ezio jumps, and kills the rider while landing elegantly on the saddles. Yep, here you can ride and enjoy. It is not only a convenient means of transport, you can also use kj?ttmopeden to their advantage in the many inevitable gjernings?yeblikkene. "The horses actually have a central role in the game. They can be used as part of the environment, and that you can kill and fight on horseback, "said Simard. We were partly to see how to cut down enemies in easy trot, and that you can jump straight from the horse to the buildings for a quick maneuver away. It is all just your imagination limits what you can find on the four-legged giants between the legs. "This is a full sequel to Assassin’s Creed II. Brotherhood begins exactly where the previous game ended, and we get answers to many unanswered questions. Only single-player portion alone is around 15 hours, "said board designer Gaelec Simard. Teamwork The most important aspect of the Brotherhood, however, that there are several assassins of bone. The best Football Manager-style allows you to build a stable of talented people and develop them to be.e even better in his profession – with you as "manager", of course. The first example we saw was slightly .ical, but still interesting. Ezio stood a good distance away from an enemy, and with the focus on him, we got a choice as saying: "Take out with Assassins." Ok, go on! Then came the instant two colleagues of you over the next few rooftops, and in an instant, the enemy sniper was killed. Simple and easy. It is of course a limit on how often you can use this opportunity, if we had risked a real chaos of Rome’s streets. Where and how your colleagues appear is entirely dependent on context and environment, but your assassin colleagues should always choose the best approach depending on the situation, "said Simard. It is in all a pretty deep system around the recruitment and development of the assassin squad account. You can send them on missions around Europe, then earn experience points your allies. These in turn can be used to develop the assassination’s capabilities, weapons and armor. You start with zero, however, "employees" and you run the risk that the whole gang dies if you are too offensive. Max limit is also 12 in the stable, so here you can get plenty to choose from. You can use your minions to more than sniper killing, they can also take part in street battles when the enemies are many. The so-called frikampene is more aggressive in this game, and that the enemies are faster to attack and contrast. Your task is simple, at least according to our designer friend: The goal when fighting is to get as many hits you can in a row without being hit. When you’re in the flow zone and the games go much smoother and faster. Together with other assassins is almost a kind. They rolled around at full speed and use non-bombs for total confusion. Chaotic, but fun. Ezio can also pick up the two-handed weapons such as axes and bib to the bad guys. The assassin looks more and more like a real warrior. We also got to see snippets of how Ezio can use both plain parachute and crossbow, for a multi-artist, you! Family Feide The main enemy of the Brotherhood is the famous Borgia family, who has spread a series of towers around the city. Your task is to destroy these guarded the fortifications, then you also get the locals on your side. The way to do this is to first kill the guard boss of the tower, located at the bottom of the building. These managers will have unique personalities, so you must be adjusted to your attack strategy every time. If they get away because you have to wait a while before you get to try again. When the tower is destroyed to clear all the guards in the area, and you can open shops, markets and see how your site is suddenly bubbling over with life. New missions will also provide, so it should pay to be nice and easy assassin in this game. For the perfectionist, it is also possible to collect 101 Borgia flags located on all sorts of places in Rome. I hear Crackdown fans rejoice? There is much that works very well with the Brotherhood, but it is also possible to whittle some wood chips in from the little we saw. The civilian AI seems very d?sende. I think women and children can at least pretend that they react when someone gets his throat cut in front of them. The blood gushing about the face of families with small children! In addition, Ezio be.e a major celebrity, a star assassin – is it just me who sees the paradox there? So someone must see to get cleared up in Rome, there is the huge piles of straw everywhere! Blaster farmers. Conclusion Now we were unfortunately not seen the multiplayer bit of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, but the game experience as a lone wolf appears as fresh and interesting. The fact that you can control your own squad of assassins is very alluring, especially when you can expand them to be.e better and more. When you feel the power flowing, and it varies gaming experience significantly. Oppdragsfaunen are all good, .bined with Ezio can do more with both arms and the environment around them. The city’s a chapter in itself, God, how beautiful Rome is in the Brotherhood! I am looking forward already to next visit, without having to encounter taxi drivers will cheat you for euro. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: