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Shanghai International Forum on Shakespeare issued a study of Chinese voice Shakespeare www.51zxw.net

Posted on November 19, 2017 by hanson

Shanghai Shakespeare International Forum issued a study of Shakespeare Chinese voice – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, September 11 (reporter Xu Jing) in the masters of world literature, 400 anniversary of the death of Shakespeare, "Shakespeare Shanghai International Forum" held in Donghua University in 11, more than 60 Chinese and foreign scholars on "Shakespeare and the cultural revolution launched a warm discussion. The forum with the same period of the Shanghai international Shakespeare Festival together to show the world China the latest achievements of research and the performance of Shakespeare, Cao Yu and other predecessors expect to accelerate the pace of Chinese Shakespeare to the world ". Shakespeare became a subject of research started from the beginning of twentieth Century, known as the world cultural and academic olympics. Shakespeare introduced to China has 100 years of history, has played a great role in modern China in different periods of culture change. Especially since 1990s, has made great progress in the new century China Shakespeare research, a large number of Chinese Shakespeare scholars to the international academic forum, expand the channels of international cultural exchanges around Savon, expanding the cultural influence of Chinese, China scholars in international Shakespeare published his own voice. The forum sponsors, the International Executive Committee of Shakespeare, director of the Institute of Donghua University Shakespeare professor Yang Lingui believes that the construction of Shakespeare with its superb artistic participation in the era of cultural significance, which is in the later works to spread an important reason and timeless. The spread of Shakespeare’s works in the world and the course of the study also shows that the understanding of the connotation of the Chinese culture with the needs of the times and changes in the continuous update of the connotation of the times of the Chinese culture in the world. "China scholars participate in the world Shakespeare research is also involved in a channel" to construct the world significance of contemporary culture, Yang called for Shakespeare research China Yamada R, must break the self practice, strengthen peer and international exchanges, and a powerful voice in the China Shakespeare research community. "Shanghai international Shakespeare forum" approved by the Ministry of education, Donghua University Institute of foreign languages and the Donghua University Institute of the, has been successfully held two sessions since 2011. (end)相关的主题文章: