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Serie A competition chicken bone home picking inter difficulties w-inds.

Posted on November 13, 2017 by hanson

SMG: Serie A on chicken pecking difficult after home court Sunday 016 Serie A inter Pescara Udine J VS 2016-10-23 18:30 Udine J beat AC Milan League, the recent 5 round is 1 flat 4 negative be record movements, state into the trough. Pescara League opened 4 flat, 4 negative record success trend, the state highlights the doldrums, currently only 4 points, ranked last second. Both teams are not ideal, the direct dialogue is also related to relegation pattern, all hope to grab points. The disk early Udine J Lord let hemisphere water advantage on disk, early to give full trust to Udine J home court concessions advantage, because the Pescara League start, Udine J home court advantage and rebound being touted, concessions are set up in the good level, two teams in Italy experience gaps, the battle of Udine J home court to try, SMG Yuko negative – play. On Sunday 026 Serie A Atlanta VS international Milan 2016-10-23 Atlanta League and at 21:00 the viola, the last 3 league battle 2 wins, 1 unbeaten, scoring momentum is very good recently. Inter beat Southampton 1-0 in the UEFA Cup early Friday morning in Beijing, ending two successive defeats in the group match, and finally won the first victory. In Serie A, the Nerazzurri are suffered two defeats and continuous three rounds extremely. Early inter disc guest Let the hemisphere high water advantage on disk, the current inter state there are still some problems, continuous fighting under rotation is difficult to guarantee, market outlook to inter variable handicap early guest Let flat half water surface in Atlanta’s recent favorable background, early back plate reasonable reduce upper plate chip intervention more difficult intent do not look at the war, have let the ball wins, SMG radio play his advice. Competition color 2 string 1 recommend: Sunday 016 wins + Sunday 026 let ball win, the scheme invested amount 20 yuan, can get the maximum bonus 52.4 yuan.

意甲竞彩串关:乌鸡主场啄食 国米困难重重周日016 意甲 乌迪内斯VS佩斯卡拉 2016-10-23 18:30 乌迪内斯击败AC米兰之后,联赛最近5轮则是1平4负不胜战绩走势,状态陷入到了低谷。佩斯卡拉联赛开局4平4负不胜战绩走势,状态凸显低迷,目前仅积4分排名倒数第二位。两队状态都不理想,此番直接对话也事关保级格局,都希望全力抢分。 亚盘早盘乌迪内斯主让半球中水优势起盘,早盘对乌迪内斯主场让步优势给予充分信任,由于佩斯卡拉联赛开局不利,乌迪内斯主场反弹受到力捧,让步优势和水位都设置了利好,鉴于两队的意甲经验方面的差距,本战乌迪内斯主场可以一搏,竞彩胜平负玩法主胜。周日026 意甲 亚特兰大VS国际米兰 2016-10-23 21:00 亚特兰大上轮联赛逼和了紫百合,联赛最近3战2胜1平不败,近来抢分势头非常不错。国米在北京时间周五凌晨的欧联杯赛事中1-0击败南安普顿,结束了小组赛两连败,终于拿到了首场胜利。意甲联赛中,目前蓝黑军团正遭遇两连败并连续三轮不胜。 亚盘早盘国米客让半球高水优势起盘,国米目前状态还是存在一定的问题,连续轮换阵容下战斗力难以保证,后市盘口早早变盘至国米客让平 半中水盘面,在亚特兰大近期状态利好背景下,早早退盘合理减低上盘筹码介入难度意图更大,本战不看国米有胜,竞彩让球玩法建议单选主胜。 竞彩2串1推荐:周日016胜+周日026让球胜,本方案投入金额20元,可得最大奖金52.4元。相关的主题文章: