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Ricardo Vista Pam phenomenon does not lose talented driver Sebastian-w-inds.

Posted on April 18, 2018 by hanson

Ricardo: Vista Pam driver Vettel Ricardo not lose talent phenomenon: Vista Pam is a phenomenon of sports team driver Tencent September 28th Red Bull Australian driver Ricardo said in an interview today, this season he’s new teammate Vista pan is phenomenon of level drivers, the talent does not lose to his former teammate Vettel. Vista Pam this season from the two teams promoted to a team of Red Bull after a stunning performance, F1 has become the youngest race winner and youngest head row driver, but his driving style also caused great controversy, recently a few races in his battle with Raikkonen in the show’s reckless has caused outrage. In the eyes of Red Bull teammate Ricardo, Vista Pam is a phenomenon of Schumacher, the gift of no less than four crown became Germany’s Vettel in Red Bull: "I met with Vettel and Vista Pam played, from whom I have learned a lot of things. Vettel’s experience and communication skills with the team are very worthy of study, Vista Pam has more passion, learning from the two of them are very interesting. We all know that Vista Pam had the gift of him as a teammate and do the same feeling is teammate Vettel, you can always see some new elements." Vista Pam can be called the red bull in recent years to tap into the most valuable wealth, when he entered the F1 at the time because of the size of the age of being questioned, but red bull still insist on giving him the opportunity. After Vista Pam tasted the sweetness, red bull for the selection of two young drivers more valued. Red Bull executives have been identified will continue to leave Sainz in the next season: "Sainz and Red Bull contract, the team will not let him go, considering our devotion to him since he started his career in the occupation, we have high hopes for him, he is really talented, next season we need a driver such as he." Russian driver Stuart Covey this season from the team relegated to two teams after the doldrums, attention also appears to be relatively lax, Red Bull two next season is likely to abandon him, leading in the GP2 tournament standings Gasley was now likely in the new season to enter the two Red Bull squad, but the news has the Red Bull has not been confirmed. Other F1 news Honda this weekend or will upgrade the engine at this weekend’s F1 Grand Prix in Malaysia, Honda plans to upgrade the engine again. Honda used 7 engine quotas in the last Grand Prix, but now they have no engine quota. But Alonso and Barton upgrade engine will lead to punishment, because they have run out of the provisions of the engine quota. In view of the fact that Honda did not want to be punished in their home court in the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend, if not upgrade, the upgrade will further delay. The young Chinese youth have been traced to the racist British driver Hamilton recently said in an interview, they often become the object of racial discrimination as a teenager, he often bullying at school, but these encounters let him become more strong, also strengthened his determination to succeed in the F1: "in the place where I grew up, the issue of racial discrimination has been very serious, at school I often)相关的主题文章: