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Report suspected generous recognition of this very good micro whole, man is Joker! g-area meru

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

"Report" suspected generous recognition of this very good micro whole, man is Joker! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Today to say this is certainly not the romance of Dali section of Prince Duan Yu’s father of chaos. But Wuli boy ‘section Joker! This Joker came out from the show in a song by singer, was "serious snow" is still popular in Joker on both sides of the Changjiang River years ago and another guy played the game ~ CP group Joker, Junjun Xiao Bian also was in the dark and stormy night, thinking about the future is to marry him or love. However, because they can not always determine their own inner contradictions…… After wake up, although it is booming Joker by music in Waterloo but Hot pot shops were open, red net hand piece is done fast, screenshots also successfully completed the network, the owner of the red Taobao routine…… But the hot pot shop owner, net red, Taobao shopkeeper…… These labels are just as singers in the identity and existence, Joker is an inspirational music, adhere to Quxianjiuguo pie! In recent years, the variety is more and more frequently, piece that more and more away, singing is becoming more and more high, Joker also appeared frequently in people’s field of vision, surprise and compared to ten years ago, Yan turned out on a top down down down compared to a year ago ~ yourself even more handsome young! Thus…… Cosmetic surgery? Cosmetic surgery? Cosmetic surgery? Recently, the upright boy when writing scripts by answering this question, really just passing down down down. Oh that micro whole is only to the whole piece highlighted their naturally very beautiful…… You don’t mind, the fans did not care this sentence, under the comments in this piece of advertising was not disappointed…… Down down down on the screenshot. It usually look at the micro! Just a yen value. Auxiliary years old Xue Yan ~ but what are the value to improve it, as usual, for everyone Xiaobian analysis year old Xue why more handsome than before, mainly because the face not only did not collapse, but more plump before thin stalks, some small angle is down here in spirit Guo Jingming: Joker, prominent cheekbones, cheeks sunken, did not eat well ~ but now the old Xue, see how full cheeks like youth are Meng Meng da! Down down down Joker another old Xue look young is the secret eyes ~ down down down contrast although before is also wide double fold, but the eyes always feel wood has opened, but now is round and big, all the time in the position of the lower down here and make eyes at a man another yo ~ imperceptible is the previous clues of mandibular cheek now wood ~ but as old Xue said, our natural foundation, a handsome micro whole to heaven again, in fact, plastic really not what dark stars, now also began to admit that they are more or less a star, brave to admit plastic who will be the next? Small series with big red flowers waiting for you yo! (.相关的主题文章: