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Penguin mistakenly swallowed 10cm long pebbles and 12 minutes to save the doctor govos

Posted on November 15, 2017 by hanson

The penguin swallowed 10cm long cobblestone trainer and doctor 12 hours rescue position determined by gastroscope pebble pebbles Biao Jin news (reporter Liang left) 1 days, Harbin Polar Museum Penguin swallowed by a pebble, trainer and doctor 12 hours to 10cm long cobblestone was successfully removed. Domesticated Division introduced, the pursuit of companions led to the emergence of a penguin response to stress, it was mistakenly swallowed stones. Penguins swallow pebbles 1 10cm long 15 pm, Harbin Polar Museum Penguin trainer Yang Yu in the clean living area found two penguins penguins grab one pebble, mouth stones disappeared, the little penguin throat bulge bag, instantly disappeared again. Yang Yu, the transfer of control, the preliminary judgment of penguin swallow pebbles. Penguin team to study the immediate treatment program. 17 am, shooting X light film doctors and endoscopic surgery doctors arrived at the polar museum. X light shows that penguins swallow pebbles about 10cm, very large, and has been in the pyloric region of the stomach, very dangerous, if the pebbles into the intestines, will cause intestinal bleeding, endangering the lives of penguins. With the penguin to No.2 Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University because no appropriate tools, trainer and endoscopic surgery doctor side by side on the gastroscope determine cobblestone transformation tools made of different sizes of a number of network, snare one try. At this time from the penguin swallow pebbles over the past 6 hours, subject to equipment and tools, surgery is still no progress. Penguin domesticated team decided to give up in the Polar Museum to continue surgery, No.2 Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University. In the middle of the night, the staff of the Polar Museum began a series of complex preparations: communication with the No.2 Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, contact the refrigerator car, the allocation of personnel to go to hospital research tools…… On the 2 day, the Polar Museum staff went to No.2 Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University with penguins. Before the snare has not caught pebbles, doctors began to find new tools at the same time, the trainer began to try to make up a small bag, hope this bag can be a pebble. Because the operation time has been very long, in order to prevent the pebble drops, the doctor decided to let the penguin head down surgery. Because the penguin anesthetic would affect normal breathing, so the whole process of operation is to rely on 3 Trainer fixed penguin. 2:40, 10cm long pebbles were successfully removed. The occurrence of stress response mistakenly swallowed the stone division of the introduction of the pebbles is a penguin in the process of incubation necessary. Harbin Polar Museum living penguins live on the Antarctic continent Hoolock penguins. The Antarctic penguins hatch to no grass, on the pebble, so every year at the end of September, the trainer will be a lot of pebbles into the Antarctic penguins living area, for their breeding use. Swallow the stone is a small penguin in 2015, a new small penguin, curiosity, courage and relatively small, the pursuit of companions led to its emergence of a stress response, so there was a chance to swallow stones.相关的主题文章: