Pengci party for the sake of realism hard acting smashed fingers (video)-acbel

Posted on June 4, 2018 by hanson

Pengci party for the sake of realism hard acting people smashed fingers pan master to do a little business, often open tricycle delivery, recently, he took a young man to hit, lost a lot of money, after the thing, he always felt wrong, may have been set up, to report to the police, the police a survey, which is really strange. Pan master at that time in order to avoid a car, the car after the bucket on a bicycle with a boy down to the hospital for a check finger fracture, tens of thousands of medical expenses, the electric tricycle master pan without insurance, finally, the two sides agreed to private, Mr. Pan paid 3500 yuan. Finished processing, pan master feel funny. Pan master: "I want to go home, after the car had, I go on the side walk, the man went to the ground down." Police received alarm master pan after the rapid transfer of the crime to monitor, look carefully, this is really another suspicious accident. The police judged the suspect vehicle, there is an obvious change to the action, to the victim range hit the steering wheel, the suspect deliberately put the bicycle to the direction from the victim, cause a fall. The monitoring clearly showed that the time of the incident, a car tricycle bicycle parallel road, the car suddenly swung toward the car battery, pan master instinct toward the roadside avoidance, bikes will be down, will monitor the slow release, you will see that the car swerved at the same time, the bike forward quickly fell to the ground, it seems deliberately in manufacturing fall accident. The next two months, police received five or six similar alarm, found a strange thing in common. Taicang city police station Jiang Zhendong said, when committing the crime, have a Guangdong S license passing from the side of the road. In these accidents, there is a Guangdong license plate car figure, every time the car suddenly turn, causing the victim to escape, causing the ground accident, the police immediately launched an investigation on this car, according to automotive information, finally, the police will continue this pengci gang crime in one fell swoop in Zhejiang Shaoxing. Jiang Zhendong: "there is a special driving man, there are two special ride pengci man, another two men responsible for negotiations." It’s really a pengci Gang! "According to the police, the gang means very subtle, in order to achieve realistic results, gang members not only hard acting, or even to pay the cost of body, this group of people is life in pengci. In addition to play like this, people find pengci objects also pay attention to the electric tricycle pengci freight special way, no insurance, and easy to choose private owners. Jiang Zhendong said: "they choose three owners is a covert behavior, in the whole process of committing the crime, clear division of labor, after repeated training, several drills." One of pengci suspects when still a minor, in order to realistic, unexpectedly alive fingers smashed, has not treated, they rely on this finger around to handle pengci. Extended video: pengci male exaggerated acting through the streets looking for the main cause to restore the truth (video surveillance has nothing to do with the original, for extended reading) search

“碰瓷党”为求逼真效果 苦练演技砸断手指市民潘师傅做点小生意,经常开三轮车送货,前阵子,他把一个小伙子给撞到了,赔了不少钱,事情过后,他总觉得不对劲,可能被人算计了,赶紧报警,警方一调查,其中还真有蹊跷。潘师傅当时为了避让一辆轿车,车后斗把一个骑自行车的小伙子带倒了,医院一检查手指骨折,医疗费就上万,由于潘师傅的电动三轮车没有保险,最后,双方商定私了,潘师傅掏了3500块钱。处理完了,潘师傅觉得不对劲了。潘师傅:“我回家一想,轿车让过以后,我就往边上走,那个人就往地上一倒。”民警接到潘师傅的报警后,迅速调取了案发地监控,仔细一看,这事故还真的另有蹊跷。研判民警,嫌疑车辆有一个明显的变向动作,往受害人方位打了方向盘,这个嫌疑人刻意把自行车往受害人方向靠,造成摔倒的假象。监控里清楚显示,事发时,轿车三轮车自行车并行一路,轿车突然朝电瓶车晃了一下,潘师傅本能朝路边回避,将自行车带倒了,将监控慢放,就看出轿车突然转向的同时,自行车前插迅速倒地,似乎刻意在制造摔倒的事故。接下来的两个月,警方陆续接到五六起类似的报警,发现了一个奇怪的共同点。太仓城中派出所民警江振栋称,作案的时候,均有一辆粤S牌照从路边驶过。在这些事故中,都有一辆广东牌照小汽车的身影,每次都是轿车突然变向,造成受害人躲避,从而引发倒地事故,警方立即针对这辆轿车展开调查,根据汽车信息,最终,警方在浙江绍兴将继续作案的这个碰瓷团伙一举抓获。江振栋:“有一个专门开车的男子,有两名专门骑车碰瓷的男子,另外有两名专门负责谈判的男子。”果然是个碰瓷团伙!据民警介绍,这伙人手段非常隐蔽,为了达到逼真效果,团伙成员不但苦练演技,甚至还要付出身体代价,这伙人简直是用生命在碰瓷。除了演的像,这伙人寻找碰瓷对象也有讲究,专门去碰瓷那些电动货运三轮车,一来没有保险,二来车主容易选择私了。江振栋说:“他们选择三轮车主也是个隐蔽行为,在整个作案过程中,分工很明确,经过多次培训,多次演练。”其中一名碰瓷嫌疑人作案时还是个未成年,为了逼真,竟将手指活活砸断,一直不去治疗,就靠这柄断指游走四方来碰瓷。扩展视频: 碰瓷男夸张演技满大街找冤主 监控还原事实真相 (视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读)搜索相关的主题文章: