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Peanut derived story — light novel copyright practitioner! bleep

Posted on November 19, 2017 by hanson

Peanut derived story — light novel copyright practitioner! In 2015, accompanied by the movie "one hundred thousand joke" has achieved unprecedented success, the IP originally unfamiliar vocabulary began to enter the public view with another kind of attitude, the domestic IP market continued unpopular, it also makes many people gradually realized that the original "eight guardians", "legend", "Shen Diao" adapted sageuk is belongs to the category of IP. About the word IP, meaning "intellectual property -Intellectual Property", strictly speaking, the word is Chinese invention, because the traditional IP refers to the Internet Protocol, which is "Internet Internet Protocol", therefore, for foreigners do not understand Chinese situation, it is difficult to accurately grasp the true meaning of IP vocabulary. Since the IP vocabulary by Chinese developed it in the big market China under vigorous development, so we can see that after the automatic painting movie "one hundred thousand cold joke", IP began to be vigorously pursued, and the capital, in the industry, 2015 is also known as the first year of IP or a large outbreak in this year, "Mi month biography", "flower and bone network novel drama" was an unprecedented success, on the web harvest roll rave reviews, set off a nationwide discussion and a gust of frenzy; in addition, in 2015 the annual total of 30 IP movies at the box office of about 8 billion can be developed with. The value of the original content more prominent in the adaptation of strong capital. The world is a for profit, in 2016, also known as IP crazy year, this year has not been in the past, but you can already see, IP became the object of hunting capital, at all levels of the market are beginning to join the army to buy buy buy, good IP was the capital of looting, its value began to rise, some the right of adaptation and even fired on the billion yuan. In view of the IP market is very prosperous scene, we have reason to believe that many well-known IP resources have been adapted to the capital in the bag, using them as the script of the film and television works may have been wildly beating gongs and drums for. However, it is not absolutely spectacular, prosperity, along with the IP adaptation of one after another, in the face of market considerations have also begun to show Rainbow Night scene. Total sales break million copies of the "Tomb notes" can be regarded as a super IP, fans have some foundation, but the network drama version of the official broadcast, wanton adaptation of the plot and characters have been set not to taste the original powder Tucao and questioned, serious damage to the original in the addictive suspense and mystery. Finally lost a number of original fans, also failed to attract much general audience. Similarly, there are nine layers of the demon tower, "left ear", "joy Changan" and so on, are adapted from the popularity of IP, and finally all bleak ending. While the original popular "Nirvana in Fire" was published, with sophisticated production, to make up for the defects of high visibility, not only had enough popularity, also helped popularize a public actor, a ministry in 2015 created the myth of IP adaptation. This also)相关的主题文章: