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Four parks for the first time in real time statistics tourists big data diversion tourists – www.k17.cc

Four visitors to   park for the first time real time statistics; "big data" — Beijing tourists diversion channel — people.com.cn original title: four for the first time visitors park real time statistics Beijing morning news (chief reporter Cui Hong) during the National Day this year, the the Summer Palace, Tiantan, Beijing zoo, fragrant Hill four municipal park will be the first real time statistics "in the park, park, park visitors, the number of" big data "regulation of diversion of tourists. Beijing City Park Management Center forecast, National Day period, 11 municipal parks and gardens China museum is expected to tourists 3 million 600 thousand passengers, the highest peak in October 2nd to 4. Visitors are advised to "peak heating avoidance" garden. The safety of the city park management center emergency department said that during the national day, the Summer Palace, Tiantan, the Beijing zoo and the Xiangshan Park run "approved, statistics, publishing, counseling" four in one of the tourist flow system, realize the Holiday Park Park Park, traffic information, real-time acquisition, query and statistics in the park "and released. Relevant staff said that through the acquisition of the park door area and part of the tourist information center view data, can acquire the visitors flow trend, so as to advance to take diversion, limiting, one-way traffic control and other effective measures, to ensure the safety of tourists and comfort garden. It is reported that the previous statistics the number of parks, mainly depends on the number of tickets, park test tallies, because a lot of people of the city holds a ticket, so the number of statistical accuracy rate is low and there is a certain lag, the new system according to the number of people using 3D statistics, face location statistics, the accuracy rate reached 98%, which reflects the real-time flow of tourists, launched the emergency timely measures. During the next year National Day, other municipal parks will also be used in all real-time statistics system. National Day during a total of 52 municipal park garden headquarters. The 43 door all started "park security", Zhongshan Park Garden Museum and the implementation of the "character test"; on the basis of the original 157 wickets, increasing the window, temporary ticketing cars 74, ensure the peak period of the ticket window are all open, avoid stranded tourists gather. (commissioning editor Chen Yinuo and Gao Xing)相关的主题文章:

Zhang Jingxuan with his nose to sing the treble turned expression pack popular 9c8996

Zhang Jingxuan used to sing soprano expression package became popular nostrils turned Zhang Jingxuan pleaded Zhang Jingxuan to develop new skills nostril Sina entertainment news recently on the nose debut, a group of "the nose of King Zhang Jingxuan [micro-blog]" expression of dynamic figure in the online crazy pass, broadcast and variety shows quite active strength singing and wit Zhang Jingxuan sometimes shy, sometimes surprised the expression was accompanied by a net full text, not only users who have a message like Zhang Jingxuan, I have forwarded the nostril Wang expression package, and threatened to sing the treble with the nostrils, causing everyone’s expectations. Zhang Jingxuan is the "nose king" strong crowd following the incarnation of "all the users in the variety show hand piece", singer Zhang Jingxuan has become the protagonist of "network expression package". In front of the camera and the fans interactive Zhang Jingxuan no idol burden, to subvert the people’s mind that singing sad songs bitterness singer image. Recently, there will be live footage of Zhang Jingxuan made the nostrils dynamic figure expression package, he looked funny be the most changeful collocation of network language, network is expected to contract "expression" star package. Once online display and mouth soup Zhang Jingxuan let people see his life funny humorous side, one of the new expression package also makes users feel very surprise, a message said "see you open your nose then (laughs) abdominal pain", "wow! Xuan ye! 2016 latest Xuan Ye expression pack, and so on, this group of nostrils Wang expression package once launched, it attracted a strong audience of millions of users and heated discussion. Zhang Jingxuan said to develop nostrils: who do not stop me! In fact, Zhang Jingxuan not only in the recent appearance show of their nostrils in the usual self confidence, he also often show off their comedy nostrils, a netizen said: "with a charging socket ha ha ha ha ha, just fine points. She felt his voice gentle, like trickling water, and feel the snake, each side of love!" "Elder brother Xuan, you know your nostril solo?" Zhang Jingxuan himself on his nostrils debut, said: "well, my nose was even more than I first debut! From now on, I will develop my nostrils. I used to sing soprano, drink water, eat the nostrils, speech, rubbing, dumplings, Glutinous Rice Balls buffei, none of you, stop me!"   (commissioning editor: Ianto)相关的主题文章: